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Gettysburg - The 135th Anniversary Re-Enactment
These images were taken during the 135th Anniversary Re-Enactment of the Battle of Gettysburg.
Over 20,000 re-enactors gathered at the event, held July 1-5, 1998; within sight of the original battlefield.

Gettysburg Photo Pages

Heth's Advance,  Culp's Hill, and Other Misc. Images
Pickett's Charge - High Water Mark of the Confederacy
Views from the Confederate Right Flank
    These images reflect my view of the event as a gun crew member
      with Henry's Artillery Battallion of Hood's Division.
Section 1 - The Bombardment
Section 2 - The Infantry Advances
Section 3 - Close Support
Views from the Confederate Left Flank
       These images provide an excellent view of action from the edge of the battlefield in the
        area of the event spectator seating.  These photos were taken by my brother Joseph.
Section 1 -  Bombardment and Initial Advance
Section 2 -  The Assault on Cemetary Ridge
Section 3 -  Retreat and Aftermath
A Pickett's Charge Panoramic - The view from Cemetary Ridge (a Federal Perspective)
Memorial Day Activites =  The 1st US (TX) Infantry and 9th Texas (CS) Infantry at
                                                                    the Pecan Grove Cemetary in McKinney, Texas     1998
                            Pictures from the event

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