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Darrin K. O'brien
reggae legend

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note SNOW: Rapper a da 90's! go Whiteboy!
I first fell in love wit da SNOWman in 1993, when I heard da single "Lonely, Lonely, Monday Morning." I couldn't tell if dis boy be black ah white. Later, I bought the CD 12" of SNOW. I love it! To dis day I believe it be the best disc of da decade. Not much later, Mureder LOVe, JuSTUSS and THe Hits were released. Most Music fans in the US dont give respect ta SNOW because of the color of his skin. I Tires of the racist issue. SNOW is the most succesful DJ ever. How come people in Jamacia, Japan, Canada, and Australia can accept him for his talent? It just shows dat racism still is strong in da US. We don't discredit Jimmy Henrix because he is black. do not judge de man 4 his culture!
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note SNOW discography

12" of SNOW 1993

Murder Love 1995

Justuss 1997

Greatest Hits 1997

Untittled album 1998

Much luv ta all.

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