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The North American Phonograph Company!

The North American Phonograph Company Store

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Welcome to The North American Phonograph Company Store! If you would like to buy our product, this is the place! We do not accept orders, as it is too slow a process for the 21st century consumer. If you have questions, call (815) 876-6897 Phone hours are from 4pm-8pm CST. If it is in the store, snap it up, this is it! The only other way of purchasing our blanks and recordings is to go to the Union, IL antique music show, the second, full Friday, Saturday, Sunday of June, and purchasing what we bring, and we can talk face to face. Thank you for visiting. You can also come to our facility, by making an appointment, after 3:00PM CST (two weeks notice would be nice.)

615 1/2 South Main Street

Apt B




Clicking the buy it now button buys the blanks of your choice below. The button is not re-occuring, once you hit the button and finish the purchase the item is yours. We take a photo of the actual blank, or record you are buying. We accept paypal only, and that is what you will be directed to when you hit the buy it now button!

Price Reduction! Our high quality blanks are now only $30.00 each!!!! Was $45.00 This is a nice creamy white blank, double spiraled. Made in pre-heated molds, authentic aluminum soap (known as Brown Wax) If you are American, Buy American!!!!! (U.S. customers




Nice single spiral Blank cylinder. (U.S. Customers Only, If you are an American, Buy American!!) Made in heated molds and slow cooled! We have reduced the price of blanks to $30.00 each, they were $45.00 each. We will honor this price for the year 2018.


This is a medium brown wax aluminum soap blank made in pre heated, slow cooled molds. This is a starter blank, for those learning how to record. at a reduced price. $25.00 Includes U.S. shipping.

If you have questions about cylinders, phonographs or recording, you may email us by clicking here.