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The Transhuman Movement


I don't know much about the Transhuman Movement, I am not even sure about calling it the Transhuman Movement. I include this page because I want to know more. This is idle curiosity at work. Below are the links I have found in no particular order. I will rearange when I know enough to do so in a way that makes sense.

World Transhumanist Association:

Transhumanist Resources: Anders Sandberg's page. One of the first transhumanist web sites. With a very large selection of links to transhumanist topics on the web

Anders Transhuman Pages: "Mainly technological, scientific and academic aspects of transhumanism."

Transhumanism NOW! :

Transhumanism in practice.

Transhumanist Organizations on the Web. Organizations involved in futurism, philosophy, personal and social liberation and advanced technology.

Alexander Chislenko public page: Recomended, well organized and extensive.

Extropy Institute - The Extropian Principles define a specific version of transhumanist thinking.

The Life Extension Foundation.

Nick Bostrom's home page. Analytic philosophy and transhumanism.

Alexander Chislenko's home page. Papers on collaborative information filtering. Has many links.

Robin Hanson's home page. Futures, institution design, the Fermi Paradox, and social science.

Ralph Merkle's home page with his work in nanotechnology and cryptography.

Hans Moravec's home page , with excerpts from his work in robotics and the future of artificial intelligence.

Max More's home page. Essays on dynamic optimism, technological self-transformation and other extropian themes. Max is the president of the Extropy Institute.

Natasha More's page , for transhumanist art and creativity.

Transhuman World Culture

David Pearce's HedWeb, which contains the Hedonistic Imperative, The Good Drug Guide, and lots of other stuff.

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Extropy Online Journal The Journal of Transhumanist Thought

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