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Checkout my new homepage, I am slowly moving pages from this site to the new one.

About the title, the idea of The Moopool is from an old science fiction novel. One I read so long ago that I no longer remember its title or author, but I do remember the concept of the Moonpool. It was used in a metaphysical sense to represent the sum of human knowledge. I use it here as my link to the Web, our current closest equivalent to that other, older Moonpool.


The Moonpool is a proud SETI volunteer, I have processed my first unit, and am currently working on two more. If you would like to contribute to Seti at home or just want more information click here


This page has been rebuilt. Most of the changes were in the html code to make it easier to read and maintain.


Added the CyberCulture page, it only has one link so far.


Found two new sites that I need to index. For now here they are. The clue train and The Tasty Bit of the Day


Added the Culture Page, the Entertainment, Music and Midi pages. I plan to work on the Midi page first then add an MP3 page, then go back and fill out the other new pages. Check back soon.

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