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Yahoo's Space Page:
The StarPages: Lots of info, but it's hard to get to

Space Projects

Long Term Projects

The First Millennial Fondation: The Millennial Project: Colonizing the Galaxy in 8 Easy Steps
The Mars Society: The settlement of Mars
The Artemis Project : The goal of this project is a permanent, self-supporting community on the Moon
THE APOLLO SOCIETY : Mission: To advance space exploration and establish human communities beyond Earth
Island One Society: a meeting place for future space colonists

Near Term Projects

P.E.R.M.A.N.E.N.T: Projects to Employ Resources of the Moon and Asteroids Near Earth in the Near Term
JPA: JPA intends to be the first amateur organization to place a payload into space
The National Space Society :
AspireSpace: The British Amateur Space / Rocket Programme
Staar: The Scottish Rocket Programme
Staar's Introduction to Waveriders:
Tethers Unlimited : Space Tethers

To the Moon

To Mars

The Case for Mars:
Stanford International Mars Program: The SIMP is a proposed plan to put humans on Mars early in the 21st century
CFME: Center For Mars Exploration

NASA Projects

Cassini Voyage to Saturn:
Nasa's Stardust Mission:
Nasa's Clementine Mission page:
Nasa's Hypersonic Technologies:
Terrestrial Planet Finder

Research Projects

The Poker Flat Research Range : Part of the University of Alaska
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Space Environment Center

No Access

Synthetic Apeture Radar Atlas:

Related Links

Freedom Ship: A sea going residence, you would need to be wealthy to live here but it's an interesting concept nontheless.
Useful links from rssi: Links for the Russian Space Program
The European Space Agency:
Oceania -- The Atlantis Project:
New Civilization Network:
Random Link - In the Millennial Fondation Web Ring:

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