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Whiskey Barrel Pond

Indoor Tanks

P1010105.JPG (76014 bytes) The finished pond.

P1010101.JPG (48419 bytes)  Some plants and a few goldfish finish of the project.

P1010155.JPG (39252 bytes) Water Hyacinth flowers are very beautiful but short-lived. 


P1010057.JPG (39606 bytes) Half a whiskey barrel for less than $20 and a section of EPDM pond liner from online wholesaler.

P1010058.JPG (65659 bytes) Liner is Forced in place by the weight of the water before its secured.

P1010062.JPG (42465 bytes) Thin oak strips and some brass screws hold everything in place.

P1010066.JPG (45379 bytes) Home-made undergravel filter and posts to hold up a plant shelf.

P1010095.JPG (52474 bytes) The first fall we bought a 20 gallon tank to bring the goldfish inside over winter.

IMG_0137.JPG (218821 bytes) The second year our 20 gallon tank was being used with our brackish fish so we opted for a 35 gallon tote. Works great and was less than $15.

IMG_0140.JPG (37419 bytes) Here's all the goldfish in the plastic tote the first day. There kind of scared of the new tank so they are all hanging together.

IMG_0148.JPG (44205 bytes) There are a total of 3 Shubunkins (1 not in picture) and 4 comet goldfish (that were actually individually picked from the feeder goldfish tank for 12 cents each).



Page created on 1/31/2005

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