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It happened so fast,
Not long after the call
You slowly drifted away
Then left us all
But don't take it wrong
Cause no-one is mad
For we will always keep
The good times we had
So go rest high on that mountain
Spread your wings and fly
To that great mansion
That's waiting for you in the sky
Go ahead climb those stairs
Walk through the pearly gates
Because on the other side
Your love ones await you
Even though your gone
You are still here
Cause in our hearts
We will remember you so dear
The lord is waiting
With open arms
To welcome you to heaven
The land of no harms
So don't worry about us
Cause we will be fine
And we will see you again
After the same stairs we climb
As you reach your destination
You won't be alone
Cause all of your family
Is there to welcome you home.
This was wrote for my Mom
By David Christ

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