Throughout the years several sets, that parody the Garbage Pail Kids craze of the late 80's, have been released, often created to mimic the popular curved GPK header. Topps attempted to recreate their own fame with the Trash Can Trolls poking fun at the Norfin Trolls popularity in the early 90's with the same format.

The following GPK parody examples were marketed to younger children in the late 80's through vending machines, at fast food restuarants and in department stores. Because of their limited releases and condition these sets are extremely hard to complete. Other similar sets not pictured can be found such as Dirty Rotten Kids and Garbage Patch Kid both not sold in vending machines.

(Released in 1986)

The following examples of GPK parody had a more main-stream release, one fan-based set was only obtainable online, another set was only found at a fast food chain and hard to complete. These sets were mainly released in the 1990's and 2000's and were regular card size besides the skateboard stickers.

(Skateboard Stickers released in 1989 : 4 sticker set sold as a pack)

(Parody and competition of the Trash Can Trolls released in 1992 : 60 card set)

(Released throughout Europe in 1993 and made in Italy : 160 card set)

(Home-made GPK Parody set 'released' independently in 1999 : 32 card set)

(Individual campaign set against smoking released in 2000 : 21 cards)

(PETA's GRRR! Magazine : a four card sheet insert in the Fall/Winter 2000 edition : A Spanish edition exists)

(Burger King 'Kids Meal' card insert with a Shrek Toy 2001 release : 23 card set)

(Back of Jack and the Mean Jock)

John Pound drew 13 of the published cards for the Fairy Tale Freaks release: Cappucchinocchio, Cindersmella, Old Woman Who Did Not Have a Clue, Thugly Duckling, Snoring Beauty, Little Rad Riding Hood, Rumbleina, Sobbin' Hood, Bumpty Dumpty, Gingershred Man, Glow White, 3 Brittle Pigs, and Fubles Pigskins. Three of his unpublished titles are: Raw Bunion, Emperor's New Nose, and Peter Hyper.

(PETA Magazine - a four card sheet insert : 2003 edition)