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Jaganshi Hiei


Name: Hiei
Race: Fire Demon
Age: Unknown
Sex: Male
Hair: Black with white streaks
Eyes: Red
POB: Ice country of Makai
Occupation: Reikai Tantei, Former assassin
Relative/s: Yukina (twin sister) and Hina (mother)
Weapon: Katana (sword)
Level: Class A
Seiyuu: Hiyama Noboyuki

Special Techniques
Jaou Rengaku Shou- multiple hit, augmented by green fire around his fists, where he unleashes a torrent of blows on his opponent.
Jaou Ensatsu Ken- Hiei summons the fires of hell to from a burning sword of balck fire around his right fist.
Jaou Ensatsu Kokuryuuha- The most powerful of Hiei's attacks. He unleashes a gigantic dragon of black fire, wreathed in flames of the Makai, that destroys everything in its path.
Multi-Slash Assault- Combining with his hyperspeed he attacks his opponent with his sword and if successful can hit up to sixty times in a second, which improves vastly as his powers emerge.

-Born in the floating kingdom above Makai. The Koorime were a race of ice youkai, who had the ability to made pearls just by crying.
-He was condemned by the Koorime elders as a sign of misfortune. They commanded Rui, Hina's friend, to cast out the child over the edge of their lands to die far below in the wilds of Makai.
-Hiei managed to survived the fall, but then after a couple of years, he lost his tear-gem in a fight. He approached a youkai named Shigure, who gave him the third eye. With it, he thought to obtain the gem, and learn more about his origins, including his sister. But Shigure threatened to kill him if he ever revealed himself to Yukina as her brother, for reasons unknown...



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