Prepared by Laurence C. Hatch
Originally based on charts and trees prepared in 2000, 2002, and 2003
Revised: 12/26/2008, 6/1/2010



Sometimes this line includes a George Tucker (1723-1778) married to Jemina or Gemima Malone. He or she were either born in Randolph Co, NC or Princes Georges Co. VA depending on the record. I believe the following lineage to be correct based on LDS and other records. I include this alternate path in green for the benefit of all researchers. There are many records on the internet on the early Tuckers that lived in Massachussetts and the references are too numerous to list here at this time.

I should also called attention to a DNA project going on with southern Tuckers including some from NC including Randolph Co. This is the cutting edge of genealogy and seems to be very affordable.

Solomon Tucker and Maria Jane Stoops. Another image of them follows.

Solomon Tucker's death certificate

Solomon and Mariah Tucker's marriage license.

Solomon and Mariah Tucker's tomb in Oak HIll Cemetary (courtesy of Jean Hardyman)



There are many variations on the spelling of the name which means "true" or "good milk". Most modern databases search for all the variations but ordinary web searches will not. I have abbreviated the name L. below. 

Juanita Blankenship's 1995 book on the Jacob Laudermilk Family 1716, originally published in 1995 and revised since is a highly valuable document and widely consulted by Lowdermilk researchers.  See for details and for the entire book.

There is some controversy regarding the Jacob Lautermilk's and who was whom. There are about 6 of them in our near North Carolina. The one born in 1696 had the first name of Hans but was called Jacob. The one born in 1726 had the first name of Johannes in some files but was also called Jacob, confusing matters further. The Jacob L. (1789-1843) is actually the son of John Harrison L. and not in our direct line at least. 

There is a Johannes Jacob L. born in 1716 that is confused with Johann Lacob born in 1726 and known to reside in NC. The 1716 Johannes Jacob is the son of Emil L., grandson of Hans Melchoir. I believe our line comes through Hans Jacob (1696-1734-5) and Hans Valter (1668-1724) instead. 

One Jacob L. is traced to coming from the old country via Philly on the ship Crward on October 16, 1772. This would be too late for the NC Jacob b. 1716 and he is most likely the one coming in 1849 via the ship Phoenix.

Two genealogy websites devoted to this family and often having reunions are highly recommended: 


Location of the Lautermilch graces at the Pleasant Hill Cemetary, Methodist Church near Seagrove in Randolph Co. NC. Photo taken by Laurence C. Hatch in the company of Hope V. Hatch, daughter of Roy Tucker and Clyde F. Hatch before 2000. A second view follows with adjusted colors.

Same graves shown above, showing the individual stones. Note the two spellings Laudermilck and Lautermilch occur even in this one small area. Here is the address and Google Sat-map of this grave location. It is easy to find with a GPS but not without as many roads nearby have no signs.







There are a number of spellings of Leuchter which may account for the difficulty in researching this genealogy. Soundex searches often return the name Leuter and sometimes even Lewter. There is a known August Leuter born in Prussia in 1851, occupation a "cutter", and recorded on the St. Louis Census on 1880. He had a son born as August Leuter also born 1877 in Missouri. There is no clear connection to our August Leuchter as he is thought to have emmigrated directly from Prussia. I looked in some NYC genealogy record cites and found records of true Leuchters residing in the city early on. These include Josephine M. L. married to Henry Hagan in 1890 and Charles L. married to Lena Kops in 1889. There is no connection known between them and our Leuchter line at this time.

Another pathway to study going forward is use of the names Leichter and Leuter.

One of our August Leuchter's patents from 1907, a way to mold 3-D objects and then scale them up or down. He worked extensively with molding and electroplating technology.

The "Leuchter Process" was also named for our August L. and he is clearly the only inventor of this name from Brooklyn at the time. This document is from the Plater's Guide (combined with The Brass World) of 1907 and found on Google Books at the current time (2010). Further research on my part suggests the process was most valuable in the production of ornamental metals including sterling silver and plated ware. Harrison Everett Ashley in The colloid matter of clay and its measurement of 2009 refers to the Leuchter process in a section about set gels treated with alum and formaldehyde for reducing or enlarging models.

The Brass World of June 1912 discusses AL's "new method of electrodepositing nickel and iron together....recently patented" and this is abstracted in The Engineering Index annual 82(6): 147. I believe US Patent # 1,026,628 covers a similar process though nickel and manganese are mentioned.


Click on spouse surnames for their charts.

There are many good papers to read on the Hatch line and several are cited below under specific individuals. A very good general reference is Amos Otis' Genealogical Notes of the Barnstable Families in the 1888 revised edition.
Jefferey (Jeffrey) De Hatch c. 1238 Wolley (Wollegh), Devonshire, England Mrs. Jeffrey De Hatch (1242-?) ? .
Gilbert Hatch c. 1276 Wolley, Devonshire, England c. 1311 Clare (Clara) Alice De Northaller, Aller, Devonshire ? .
Richard Hatch 1312 Wolley, Devonshire, England Mrs. Richard Hatch, Aller, Devonshire ? .
Robert Hatch 1354 Aller, Devonshire, England Miss Gifford (Giffard) ? .
Thomas Hatch 1394 Walleigh (Wolley?), Devonshire, England Joan Melluish (Meluish) ? .
William Hatch 1430 Aulers (Allers?), Devonshire Margaret Horton (from S. Molton) ? .
Thomas Hatch 1476 Aulers, Devonshire 1520 Anne Blewet (of Kittisford, Somerset) 3 or 5/5/1553 or 1554 Aulers .
Lewis (Lews) Hatch 1521 Aulers, Devonshire 1560-61 Elizabeth Brook Fortescue 2/10/1561 Aulers, buried 2/13/1561 .
Arthur Hatch 1577 Aulers, Devonshire 1596 Margaret (or Mary) Mallet (of Emmore, Devonshire) 6/7/1625 London, Middlesex, buried 6/9/1625 South Molton, Devonshire .
Thomas Hatch 1603 Aulers, Devonshire 1) unclear
2) Grace Lewis (1602-?), thought to be born in Wales (not confirmed)
married 1624 or 1627
4/1/1661 Barnstable MA
  • Possible 1st immigrant to US and his son Jonathan came with them.
  • Occupation: tailor
  • Member of the Congregational Church in the US, perhaps in England as well
  • Lived in Cranbrook or Sandwich UK in early years
  • Came to Yarmouth MA 1/7/1638 with other families to take up their American dream there.
  • By 1640 he came to Barnstable and was named a joint and equal "Proprietor" of the town with 25 other men.
  • He was said to be slight of build and feable. Grace was the opposite having worked on his parent's farm and being very strong for a woman.
  • 1643 appeared on a list of men available bear arms in Barnstable in case a militia had to be assembled.
  • His occupation is unclear but he is though to have farmed about 40 acres near the West Field section of Yarmouth in the early years. He had land in Barnstable later.
  • His courtship with "Miss Grace" was controversial and two men had sought her hand. Being that her father was a farmer, he set a challenge for the two men to compete in the work of a sickle to cut wheat in two equal patches of land. The most accomplished of the two men would be worthy of caring for his daughter! She was also assigned to cut adjacent land and was more skilled than the two men. The story goes that she deliberatly cut some of the Thomas' ground to give him the edge. In any case, her heart was with him and they married.
  • LDS Hatch expert Myron Hatch has determined this Thomas Hatch not to be linked to Jonathan of Barnstable from which many modern Hatch's have come: His paper THE THOMAS HATCH ENIGMA is essential reading and is found here:
  • I personally believe that our Thomas and Grace Hatch were as reported in some places (ie. Underhill in Descendants of Edward Small of New England) "of Barnstable, formerly of Scituate" and those confused with another "Thomas of Scituate". It is known some early "men of Kent" and their families moved from Scituate to West Barnstable about 1639 and this included Hatches.
Jonathan Hatch 9/7/1625 Aller, Devonshire 4/11/1646 Sarah Rowley, Barnstable MA, one source lists Dorcus w/ same wedding date 12/10/1710or1711 Falmouth, Barnstable MA
  • Reportedly a "spirited lad" and by all accounts the strict, formal, limiting puritan lifestyle of the time in Mass. was not to his liking
  • The 1910 book by John S. Lawrence called The Descendants of Moses and Sarah Kilham Porter includes him and many other Hatches. He is described of being "very robust constitution" and living to nearly 100 years - 85 in fact at a time when life expectancy for males was about half that.
  • By some accounts his father's second wife Grace treated him and his sister Lydia very strictly and they rebelled. She is apparently not their mother by most reports.
  • 12/1/1640 he was charged with slander by a Capt. Nicholas Simpson. That charge was found false and dismissed, the Captain apparently paying a charge for the false claim.
  • At about age 14 his parents left him with strangers and moved to Yarmouth.
  • Eugene Aubrey Stratton in his Plymouth Colony, It's History and People 1620-1691 mentions this Jonathan Hatch and his sister Lydia: "Somewhat more specific, though a bit confusing also, is the case of Lydia Hatch, Jonathan Hatch, Edward Mitchell, Edward Preston, and John Keene. On 1 March 1641/42 Lydia Hatch was sentenced to be whipped for "suffering Edward Mitchell to attempt to abuse her body by uncleanesse", and for not reporting it, and also for lying in the same bed with her brother Jonathan. Edward Mitchell was sentenced to be whipped at both Plymouth and Barnstable for "his lude and sodomiticall practices tending to sodoyme with Edward Preston, and other lude carryages with Lydia Hatch. Jonathan was further charged as "a vagrant" and with misdemeanors and was sent to the Lt. Davenport, Constable at Salem. Davenport was apparently an ambitious, strict man and apparently put the young man to severe work for about two years. Jonathan fled to Boston, warranting still more charges, and then to Yarmouth to get back to his father. Curiously the official documents mention him being "a slave" to the Constable, essentially a white bond servant. Researchers have determined that such "white slavery" was never permanent and was based on a practice of Edwardian vagrancy law where such a convicted person would be assigned a bond for a specific number of months or years, then freed upon a period of good behavior.
  • Davenport turned him (and apparently his sister) over to a Mr. Stephen Hopkins in what might be called a foster care arrangement today. Hopkins may well have turned him around as J.H. is best known today as the 5th Great Grandfather of a US President as shown in the pedigree at the bottom of this site. Hopkins died in 1644 so his influence is unclear over the few years. In those puritan times a "vagrant" was often someone found not occupied, without a job or otherwise working in the fields when everyone else was. As to the other charges, ludeness could be something as simple as an "off color" sexual joke. In any case, Jonathan and Lydia had some wild and free-living friends in a society very intolerant of such things. He was a sixteen year old and she about fifteen when the incidents mentioned occured and that is perhaps explanation enough!
  • He apparently escaped the whipping mentioned above by fleeing initially to Yarmouth where his father worked and lived.
  • About 1645 he joined with other Barnstable men to fight against the Narragansett indians who had been raiding the local community in that time.
  • 10/7/1651 he and a Mr. Samuel Hinkley were charged with "hiring land of the indians" and later selling a gun, powder, and shot to an Indian. This is one reason his gravestone bears the phrase "Friend of Indians" because he apparently befriended some of them, traded with them, and saw their need to survive and hunt like anyone else. A relative, one Goodman Hatch was also known to live in the same lands as indians and had good relations with his native neighbors. Goodman was once fined for selling them liquor but is known to have traded many items with them.
  • 3/6/1665 or 1666 in Plymouth Colony, charged with "unnecessary frequenting" the home of Thomas Crippin and "suspicion of dishonest behavor" toward Thomas's wife Francis Crippin. In context, this is a serious charge, possibly an innocent association of free-speaking persons but by some opinions a case of prostitution or wife-sharing. A John Robinson was charged in that time with "lascivious speech and actions" in relation to this same Francis Crippin. Thomas Crippin himself was charged with "pandor of his wife in lightness and lasciviousness", a charge not proven but he paid 40 pounds and livestock to settle the charge. 
  • Despite his early brushes with puritan law, JH is considered one of the original founders of the town of Falmouth Mass. The land was purchased from the Crapish Indians. 
  • One of their sons was born unexpectedly one day "amongst the flags" (bulrushes or reeds) in the swampy, seaside property there. He was named Moses for this reason! No one can prove this story is true and such legendary tales are common in family records; especially at the time when Moses was a popular name for boys. It is fun to repeat anyhow.
  • His sister Lydia married Henry Taylor of Barnstable about 1686 and had a number of children.
Jonathan Hatch Jr. 4/17/1652 Barnstable MA 12/4/1676 Abigail (Elizabeth?) Weekes, Martha's Vineyard MA ? Falmouth, Barnstable MA
  • First US born Hatch in line
  • His was a military captain
  • Records of his marriage include her name spelled as Elizabeth Walker and Bethia Weeks.
Jonathan Hatch III 4/5/1678 Falmouth, Barnstable, MA 1) 12/22/1703 Bethiah (or ?Thankfull) Nye, Falmouth 3/17/1746 Barnstable, Barnstable, MA
by some accounts but the will was probated in Tolland and said he was from there.
  • Their son Joseph became a military Captain.
  • I found a copy of his will dated 1/27/1742-3 (see Google Books) in Charles Manning's book on Early Connecticut Probate Records. It was witnessed by Ebenezer Nye (NOT his father-in-law who died prior to this time). It mentions land in Kent, "my well-beloved wife Thankfull Hatch", and his father-in-law Ichabod Hinkley as his Administrator. He apparently died in or hear Tolland. The will is witnessed by Thankfull Nye (his daughter or wife?). He left 372 British pounds to the various parties, 275 of which came from the sale of land. 
  • A Genealogy of the Nye Family by George Nye et. al (1907) confirms the spelling of her name as Bethiah. Bethiah and JH III had a daughter named Thankful b. 1706 and perhaps she took her mother's nickname, a common practice then.
Nathan Hatch 8/22/1710 Falmouth MA 1) 12/22/1732 Thankful Tucker, Falmouth MA 
2) 11/6/1740 Jemima Smith, Falmouth MA 
6/8/1784 East Haddam CT
Nathan Hatch 1740 Haylyme CT Betsey Hungerford (1744-1801) 11/9/1828 Bristol Twnship, Ontario Co. NY 10 children
Charles Hatch 1782 Berkhamstead CT Abigail Warren . .
Elisha Hatch 3/25/1817 or 1819 S. Bristol, Ontario Co. NY Charlotte Gilbert . .
Frederick S. Hatch . Sarah Manahan . .
Earle Hatch 2/3/1888 Ada A. Drake 8/1972 Children Clyde, Eloise, and Ruth. Dairy farmer, part-time school teacher (early years), viticulturist (wine grape grower). His son, Clyde had his father as his teacher for grades 1-3. 
Clyde Frederick Hatch 10/5/1916 Naples, Ontario Co. NY 7/5/1958 Hope Victoria Lake May 23, 2010 (age 93) at
St. Joseph's Hospital, Syracuse, NY officially of "cardiac arrest, pulmonary failure, septic shock, and cardiogenic shock", buried
Electrical lab technician, General Electric for 30 years, retired 1983
Laurence Chambers Hatch 12/30/1959 Syracuse General Hosp.,  Syracuse, Onondaga Co. NY . .


The obvious questions comes up first. Are our Drakes related to the famous Sir Francis Drake? No. He had no proven children and so he had no direct descendents at all. There is a rumor that Capt. Francis Drake (1618-1687) in our line was the grandson of Sir Francis' brother Thomas. Thomas was the eventual heir of his vast fortune. Unfortunately the proven lineage suggests that our Capt. Francis Drake came from Robert + Jane Drake and William + Joan Drake rather than the famous man's brother Thomas. There are many Sir Drakes, Thomas Drakes, and Francis Drakes and so it is very easy to muck up - especially with junk lines posted on the web. The Thomas Drake is our line dates from 1460-1541 and is thus much earlier than SFD's brother.
Le Drake
1275 or 1290
Great Waltha, England
unknownunknownThe name was changed from Le Drake to Drake in these first one or two generations.
before 1360,
probably c. 1340 given
his son's birth year
c. 1360Joan Mylwayeunknown
before 1460unknownunknown
1460-1541Agnes Bulterunknown
1490 or 1518Joan ?1555There may have been two or three different William Drakes in this unclear portion of the line.
Halstead, UK
Joan Merrylls
likely in UK
Ashe, Devonshire, UK
1) Jane ? - thought to be the mother of our line
2) Susan Knopp
Halstead, Essex,
1618 (or1615)
in Devonshire, England
Mary Ann Walker9/24/1687 in
Portsmouth NH
  • Baptist in faith in a time when Methodists and other UK groups were in power
  • first Commander of the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Jersey Blues (1673-1685)
Rev. John
1653 or 1655
in Portsmouth NH
1) Rebecca Trotter (parent in our lineage)
2) Barbara Scott
3) unknown
Piscataway NJ
  • LIke the first Drake in our line born in the US
  • 14 children, all or at least 13 by Rebecca Trotter
  • Constable
  • member of NJ Assembly (state legislature)
  • founded First Baptist Church of Piscataway NJ
  • May be the first ordained Baptist minister in the US, and almost certained the first ordained Baptist minister in New England. Methodists and clergy of the Church of England were much moe accepted in this time.
11/9/1730Elizabeth Taylor (after 1728-?)?
Josiah Drake 7/1/1750 Fishkill, Dutchess Co. NY 1770 Antje (or Annetje) Johnson or Janssen (2), New Paltz NY 5/20/1833 New Paltz, Ulster Co. NY
  • Served in the Revolutionary War (3)
  • Member of the Low Dutch Church of Klyn Esopus (3)
  • One LDS record lists him as Jesajas Drake m. Antje Janssen (2) 
William Drake 12/26/1773 New Hackensack, Dutchess Co. NY 10/14/1793 or 1798 Catherine Rose at First Reformed Dutch Church, Poughkeepsie NY after 1841 Bengal, Clinton Co. MI, perhaps Oakridge Cem. (3)
  • Moved to Ingleside NY in 1810 (3)
John Rodman Drake 9/7/1799 Ulster Co. NY 10/8/1852 Ingleside, Steuben Co. NY ? .
Edward Drake 10/13/1831 Prattsburg-Ingleside NY 1) 9/5/1853 Temperance Terry
2) 2/22 or 28/1861  Ruth Dunham
9/27/1864 from wounds suffered in Civil War battle in VA
  • Served in the US Civil War
  • Occupation: cabinetmaker (3)
Silas E. Drake 4/17/1853  2/6/1889 Nettie Johnson 12/3/1950
  • Nettie's parents were Cornelius Johnson and Azulia Smith (3)
  • Children: Nyna, Adah, Leon, Silas Jr.
Adah Azuba Drake 7/12/1891 Earle Hatch (1888-1972) 7/4/1986 Naples NY
  • Middle name has also been spelled Azulia after her grandmother (3) but family conversation (1) indicates Azuba, a Biblical character.
  • Children: Clyde, Ruth, Eloise

3) Trott, Barbara. 2000. Descendents of Josiah Drake.
4) 2000. Drake pedigrees.
5) Andrews, Roy. 2000. Drake Family Genealogy Worldwide.


The two sons of Nathan Hatch Sr.  (1710-1784), Nathan and Elnathan both married Hungerford girls. Betsey and Silence Hungerford were cousins, both granddaughters of John Hungerford (1675-1748). It is thought Nathan and Elnathan had different mothers, Thankful Tucker and Jemima Smith, respectively.

There is also a mystery as Nathan Hatch Sr. married Deborah Chalker (wife of Thomas Hungerford) sometime between 1750 and 1753. Nathan Sr's son Nathan Jr. married Deborah Chalker and Thomas Hungerford's daughter Betsey Hungerford around 1768. Nathan Jr's mother was Thankful Tucker. That means he would have married his father's third wife's daughter and that would not have been so unusual. Nathan Jr. would have been 10-13 years old when his father married for the third time. Betsey would have been 6-9 years old at the time of the marriage. If all these assumptions hold it is thus fairly likely than Nathan Jr. and Betsey grew up together though they were not blood relatives. One might also assume the Hungerford cousins visiting the home regularly, thus introducing Elnathan to his future wife Silence Hungerford (son of Robert H. and former brother-in-law of Deborah's).

Nathan Sr. and Deborah Hungerford Chalker had two daughters, Deborah Hatch b. 1757 and Thankful Hatch b. 1763. Though Thankful was not a rare name we might assume the daughter may have been named in honor of Nathan Sr's first wife
Thankful Tucker.

There's even more. Elnathan Hatch and Silence Hungerford had a daughter named Grace Jane Hatch. She married Charles Spencer. Charle's Spencer's father was Israel S. son of Isaac S. son of Samuel S.  Samuel Spencer's wife Hanneh Willey had three marriages. The first of Hanneh's husbands was none other than Thomas Hungerford b. 1602.  That boils down to Grace Hatch marrying the great-grandson of Thomas Hungerford's widow though he has no Hungerford blood. Thus Grace and Charles had a common ancestor in Hannah Willey (his great-grandma and her ggg-grandma?).

The Hungerford line traces back to at least 1160. Ancestors were buried in Salisbury Cathedral and Farley Castle, making for a very rich history.

1) Nancy Hungerford + Nathan Hatch
Everard de Hungerford before 1160 Heytesbury ? ? .
Walter de Hungerford about 1186 Heytesbury ? ? .
Walter de Hungerford 1230 Heytesbury, Wilts 1259 Maude de Heytesbury ? .
Walter Hungerford 1280 Heytesbury, Wilts. ? Heytesbury after 1308 His mother's and wife's surname are both Heytesbury?
Walter Hungerford 1314 Farleigh-Hungerford, Somer. Elizabeth Fitzjohn after 1355 .
Thomas Hungerford 1330 Farleigh-Hungerford, Somer. 1) 1376 Joan Hussey
2) Elearnor Strug
12/3/1397 Farley Castle, Somer. .
Walter Hungerford 6/22/1378 Farleigh-Hungerford, Somersetshire 1) 1402 Katherine Peverell
2) 1439 Alianore (Ellanora) Berkley
8/9/1449 bur. Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire .
Edmund Hungerford 1409 Down Ampney, Gloust. Margaret Bornell 3/26/1464 Down Ampney .
Thomas Hungerford 1540 Down Ampney, Gloust. Christina Halle ? .
John Hungerford 1460 Down Ampney, Gloust. Margaret Blount before 8/27/1524 Down Ampney .
Anthony Hungerford 1485 Down Ampney, Gloust. 1) Jane Darell
2) Dorothy Danvers
1559 .
John Hungerford 1513 Down Ampney, Gloust. 1) Bridget or Margaret Fettiplace
2) Eleanor Hungerford
1580 .
Anthony Hungerford I 1540 (1,2) Down Ampney, Gloust. (1) Bridget Shelley (1536-?) 4/25/1495 Down Ampney (1) .
Anthony Hungerford II 1566 Farley Hungerford, Somerset (1) or 1567 (2)
Christened 10/29/1567 Great Bedwyn, Wilts.
Lucy Hungerford (1560-1627),
Black Burton
6/27/1627 Black Burton, Oxford, England
  • Lucy's parents were Walter Hungerford and Ann Dormer (2) or Susan Danvers (1)
  • Any connection b/t Walter Hungerford and the Anthonys is not yet verified.
Thomas Hungerford I 1602 (1) or 1603 (2) or 1605 Farley-Hungerford, Somerset (1).
Christened 4/3/1602 (1)
? Possibly Hanneh Willey or Wiley 1663 New London, New London Co.  CT .
Thomas Hungerford II 1648 Hartford Co. CT Mary Gray (1653-?) 1/11/1713 or 1714 East Haddam, Middlesex Co. CT .
John Hungerford 1675 New London Co. CT Deborah Spencer (1683-1750) 7/9/1748 East Haddam, Middlesex Co. CT
  • Sons Thomas and Robert.
  • His two granddaughters (Silence and Betsey) both married Hatch men!
Thomas Hungerford 4/20/1718 Deborah Chalker (1718-1765) 9/29/1750
  • Deborah's line is Stephen<Samuel<Alexander Chalker
  • After Thomas's death in 1750 Deborah married Nathan Hatch c. 1753 , father of the man who married her daughter Betsey c. 1768
Betsey Hungerford 1744 Barkhamsted, Litchfield Co. CT c. 1768 (1) Nathan Hatch 4/5/1801 Her cousin Silence Hungerford (her uncle Robert's daughter) married the other Hatch brother, Elnathan.

2) Silence Hungerford + Elnathan Hatch
John Hungerford  1675 New London Co. CT Deborah Spencer (1683-1750) 7/9/1748 East Haddam, Middlesex Co. CT .
Robert Hungerford 1/3/1716 Grace Holmes (1717-1798) 2/11/1794 His brother is Thomas H. 
Silence Hungerford 4/6/1747 Elnathan Hatch 2/7/1794 .


This line establishes that descendents of Jonathan Hatch III have Danish blood through his wife Bethiah Nye.
Lave Nye 1280 Ruskilde, Copenhagen, Denmark ? ? .
Sven Nye 1310 Tudse Denmark ? ? .
Marten Nye 1345 Tudse Denmark ? ? .
Nils Nye about 1400 Tudse, Denmark ? ? .
Bertholf Nye 1425 Tudse, Denmark. Dates vary widely.  ? ? .
Randolph Nye 1470 Tudse, Holbeck, Denmark ? after 1527 Uckfield, Sussex Eng. .
William Nye 1550 Hampshire England about 1525 Agnes Tregian 1556 Uckfield, Sussex, Eng. .
Ralph Nye 1530-33 Uckfield, Sussex, Eng. 6/18/1555 Margaret Merynge, London ? .
Thomas Nye 1556 Kent, Eng. 9/9/1583 Katherine Paulsden 1584 .
Thomas Nye 1584 Biddenden, Kent, Eng. 6/10/1614 Agnes Rye ? .
Benjamin Nye 4/4/1620 Biddenden, Kent, England 10/19/1640 Katherine Tupper 3/26/1676 Sandwich, Barnstable Co. MA Katherine's line is Thomas<Henry<Richard Tupper
Ebenezer Nye 1651 Sandwich, Barnstable Co. MA (1) or 1647 Biddenden, Kent, Eng. (1) Sarah or Hannah Gibbs 1734 Sandwich, Barnstable Co. MA Place of birth would fit either of his parent's locations. 
Bethiah (Bethia) Nye 10/5/1675 Sandwich, Barnstable Co. MA 12/21 or 22/1703 Jonathan Hatch III, Cape Cod, Falmouth, Barnstable Co. MA. Year 1709 as listed. ? 8 children: Simeon, Solomon, Thankful, Ebenezer, Nathan, Moses, Benjamin, Timothy Hatch.

Associations Among the Weekes, Rowley, and Hatch families

Most of the people in this article lived or were raised around Barnstable County MA including the towns of Barnstable and Falmouth.

William Weekes (1628/9-1677) had three wives. His first wife Elizabeth Atherton and he had fourteen children. With his second wife Mary Lynde he had six more children including William Weeks Jr. and Abigail Weeks.

His son with Mary Lynde was William Weekes Jr. married Mary Robinson about 1669. His sister Abigail Weekes (same mother) married Jonathan Hatch Jr. on December 4th 1676 in Martha's Vineyard or perhaps less likely Falmouth, Mass. Later in life William Jr. married Mary Hatch in 1689 in Martha's Vineyard. She was Jonathan Hatch Jr's sister. Thus we have one pair of brother and sister marrying another though around 13 years apart.

William Weekes Sr., father of William Jr. and Abigail took a third wife. She was named Mercy Hatch and was born in England about 1632. We do not know her parents but she is definately not Jonathan Hatch Jr's sister Mercy Hatch born about 1667 in Falmouth MA. It is hard to know if the families knew each other in England (where William Weekes Sr. and Mercy Hatch were born) or if he met her through his in-law Hatches. Since his daugher did not marry until 1676, a year before his death, it is likely he was the first Weekes to marry a Hatch. William Sr. did not live to see his son Jr. marry Mary Hatch in 1689. There is a fairly good chance this Mercy Hatch (b. 1632) was some relative of Thomas Hatch (1603-1661) and Jonathan Hatch Sr. (1625-1710) because they were also born in England and immigrated to the Barnstable MA area. She certainly had to be in MA since her husband's children were born in Barnstable Co. and Dukes Co. MA and he (William Sr.) died in Dorchester, Suffolk Co., MA. William Sr. and Mercy had no children of course.

As there has been some confusion between William Weekes Sr. and Jr. we should point out that the two Hatch wives had to be different - despite the fact that Mary and Mercy were sometimes interchangeable names. William Jr. married his Mary Hatch in 1689 when his father had been dead about 12 years. Furthermore he is unlikely he would have married a woman born in 1632 (as Mercy Hatch was), being 13 years his senior. We are certain William Jr. married Jonathan Hatch's sister (as they are connected in the LDS database) whereas the older Mercy Hatch is not clearly linked to any of these other Hatch lines.

There is however a Mary Hatch listed as marrying a William Weeks in 1668 or 1669. She is likely the same as Mercy Hatch though no data on husband William is available. I suspect she is also Mary Hatch born 1631 in Wye, Kent England to Thomas Hatch (b. 1603) and Grace Lewis. Thus she would have been Jonathan Hatch Sr's sister and might have made the trip to MA with him. A second possibility is that Mercy is Mary Hatch b. 1630-32 to Thomas Hatch (another one) and Lydia?. This second Mary married Daniel Prior before 1656 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co. MA. She was obviously in MA too and might have married William Sr. in 1668.

That said, some of the dates reported for William Sr.'s three wives do not add up unless divorce was involved. William Sr. may also have had a second son named William.

In summary, we have three members of the Weekes family all marrying Hatches as follows:

1. William Weekes Sr.
+ Elizabeth Atherton
+ Mary Lynde
....2. William Weekes Jr.
.........+ Mercy Robinson
.........+ Mary Hatch
....2. Abigail Weekes
........+ Jonathan Hatch Jr.
+ Mercy Hatch

Jonathan Hatch Jr. was the son of Captain Jonathan Hatch Sr. and Sarah Rowley (1625-1710). Sarah was the daughter of Henry Rowley (1598-1673). Henry's name turns up again in our Massachusetts group here. Turns out that Abigail and William Weekes Jr's brother, John Weekes (same parents) also married a Rowley. She was Mary or Mercy Rowley, sister of Sarah Rowley, and sister-in-law of Capt. Jonathan Hatch Sr.! From Abigail Weekes Hatch's perspective: her sister-in-law (Mary or Mercy Rowley Weekes) is her husband's (Jonathan Hatch Jr) aunt. From Jon Jr.'s view his aunt married his brother-in-law.

There's is even more. As stated above, Jonathan Hatch Sr. and Sarah Rowley had a daughter named Mercy Hatch born about 1667 in Falmouth MA. She married a Nathan Rowley, probably some kin of her mother. That would have made her Mercy Hatch Rowley or Mercy Rowley - not to be confused with the Mercy Rowley who married John Weekes, her brother's brother-in-law.

We can be fairly sure the first marriage among the three immediate families was Jonathan Hatch Sr. to Sarah Rowley in 1646 in Barnstable MA.



1. Jonathan Hatch + Sarah Rowley
....2. Jonathan Hatch II + Abigail Elizabeth Weekes
........3. Jonathan Hatch III + Bethiah Nye
............4. Nathan Hatch Sr. + Jemima Smith
................5. Nathan Hatch Jr. + Betsey Hungerford
....................6. Charles Hatch + Abigail Warren
.........................7. Elisha Hatch + Charlotte Gilbert
..............................8. Frederick S. Hatch + Sarah Manahan
..................................9. Earle Hatch + Adah Azuba Drake
.......................................10. Clyde F. Hatch + Hope Victoria Lake
..............................................11. Laurence Chambers Hatch
....2. Joseph Hatch + Amy Allen
........3. Rebecca Hatch + Nathanial Berry
............4. Rebecca Berry + John Beach
.................5. Mehitable Beach + Ambrose Hall Sr.
......................6. Ambrose Hall Jr. + Clarissa Wilcox
...........................7. Clarissa Hall + Leonard Jerome
................................8. Jennie Jerome + Lord Randolph Churchill
....................................9. Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain
........3. Amy Hatch + Jonathan Delano Jr. (his father Jonathan Delano Sr. is 4th great-granddad of Pres. Franklin Delano Roosevelt. His brother Thomas Delano is 3rd great-granddad of FDR. His father is also 4th great-granddad of Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of Little House on the Prairie)
.............4. Susanna Delano + Noah Grant Jr.
...............  5. Noah Grant III + Rachel Kelley
...................  6. Jesse Robert Grant + Hannah Simpson
....................... 7. Ulysses S. Grant, US President, US Civil War General
........3. Joseph Hatch II + Mary Delano (sister of Jonathan Delano Jr., daughter of Jon. Delano Sr. and Mercy Warren)

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