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The Four Hawaiiens
Malihini Hawaiiens
Skunk Funk
Tau Moe family photo album
Lanni and wife Vita Tau Moe Family
My cousin Shane Moe
Joey Lanni Moe
Lei Moe Family
Tina Lupe Moe Lynghave family
Diana and Stevens Wedding

The picture below shows from the left. big brother Lani, my dads wife Rose big sister Dorian and our father Tau Savea Moe


Lei, Lanni and Lupe. Picture taken year 1972 in Denmark when they were playing together in Skunk Funk


Family tree

The family tree shows the children and grandchildren etc. etc of the Moe family.

Our  father Tau Savea Moe just before he passed away on the Island Oahu

kontikis journey to the paradise island Hawaii

Rose Moe when she was younger


Here you may read of the music history that has followed the Moe-Clan for four generations, and i might add, that it is no way boring. The Moe clan has traveled from the pacific to the northen Europe. Traveled around the world spreading their kultur and family. 

Lani Tau Moe

Moe family off Denmark.
was  in the year 1950 in Copenhagen by Mr. Tau Moe and Lissie Petersen