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A little history

When I first started in computing in 1988 the public had no real computers (although my first ever try at programming was basic on the school ZX81 console in 1982). All business machines had a green or amber text only screens (MDA & Hercules and colour CGA).

I had use of a IBM clone i286 12MHz(i8086*2) it had a 20MB hard disk and the new EGA colour screen a 1.2k modem (frequent use). Estimated over 30,000 amateur bulliten boards.

It belonged to my father a Viglen.

There were only a few PC programs available all Ms-Dos based. Word Perfect, Wordstar etc. (word-processing) Lotus 123 for accounts (basic spreadsheet - the 1st one) and mainly Dbase for databasing. A few games (shareware / public domain) no soundcards.

Windows as we know it arrived in 1990.