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The Mod Bird's 60's flashback
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The Twiggy Look

Mod Makeup Styles


The Twiggy look is my favorite. I reguraly pull the Twiggy look off and I can honestly say it's VERY time consuming. REMEMBER the twiggy look will not work for everyone. It's usually best when you have large eyes and either and oval or round head to start with. Follow the steps below for the perfect Twiggy look.

1. Fist cover all blemishes with a pale ivory concealer. If you have freckles let them be.

2. If your fair skinned use a light ivory foundation, Twiggy says in her book that she rarely used powder unless she needed it for a photo shoot.

3. Now that your face is prepared start with the eyes. With a thin paint brush and black liquid eyeliner paint a line slightly above the crease of your eye. Star the line at the corner of your eye and take out beyond the end of your lashes. That will help to make your eyes look instantly bigger.

4. Line the top of your eyelid with liquid eyeliner, the thickness of the line depends on how big your eyes are. If you make the line too thick the line above your crease won't stand out as much.

5. Now put on your mascara. The best technique I've found is to lay the wand on your lashes and move it side to side. It's alright to put it on thick since you wont be using the fake lashes. (You can still use them but it's optional).

6. Now the tricky time consuming part. TAKE YOUR TIME. With a small paint brush and some liquid liner paint on individual lashes below your own (called twiggys). For the length of the lines refer to photos. Twiggy used all different lengths at different times.

7. Now your eyes are complete. It's time to work with the cheeks. Take the darker shadow and using your blush brush apply it to your cheekbones. Twiggy said she did this to look different. Next take a very small amount of pink blush and apply it to your cheeks just below your eyes. Mods didn't use very much blush so don't overdo it.

8. Your lips are optional sometimes twiggy made them almost skin tone, sometimes a mismatched shade of pink. At times she even used a rusty red colour. Be creative. I prefer the pale look or the rusty red look.

9. Now all you need is some mod boots and a mini. (For info visit the MOD clothing page)

What's needed

Black liquid eye liner
Ivory or classic Ivory Powder
think pointed paint brush
Dark blush
rosey pink blush
white eye shadow
Burnt red lipstick
Black mascara
Pale lipstick
soft medium sized paint brush
optional false lashes