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The Cliffs

The cliffs of Negril are majestic, romantic, and historic.

These pics taken at Banana Shout Resort, February 1999.

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bs34.jpg (72039 bytes)          9918.jpg (108239 bytes)

                                          The Cave           View from Seaside #4

bs24.jpg (94294 bytes)          bs4.jpg (304854 bytes)

                                     Red Stripe Sunset    Seaside #2, mi home

bs29.jpg (181293 bytes)          bs28.jpg (159950 bytes)

                                   Seaside#1/Seaside#2    Lighthouse nearby

          bs22.jpg (55936 bytes)          bs19.jpg (64255 bytes)         

 Banana Shout Sunsets...The BEST in Negril !!!

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