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The Beach

Negril beach, also known as

Long Bay, seven miles of paradise...

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Looking south from Rutland Point

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Our Past Time restaurant, just south of Sandals

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Looking north, midbeach at Whistling Bird

up6.JPG (69285 bytes)

Morning at Merrill's Beach Resort

up5.JPG (102500 bytes)

Afternoon at Whistling Bird

up4.JPG (73735 bytes)

Looking north from Merrill's in the morning

up1.JPG (59922 bytes)

Sunset at White Sands Villas

up3.JPG (44944 bytes)

Football at sunset

up2.JPG (55174 bytes)

Sunsets in Negril cayan't be beat..

up8.JPG (75866 bytes)

as this shot, taken at White Sands Villas, proves..

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