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Air Negril

There  are a lot of people wondering about flying to Negril

from Sangster International in Montego Bay.

I flew into Negril comfortably in only 14 minutes, sure beats the 1-2 hr drive!


plane.JPG (58197 bytes)     sangster.JPG (57299 bytes)

A fine little Cessna to give yah a great view of Montego Bay International Airport


mobay.JPG (49454 bytes)     tryair.JPG (74206 bytes)


MoBay on the left, and world famous Tryall golf course w/road to Negril visible


boobyair.JPG (72295 bytes)     negair.JPG (54543 bytes)


Booby Cay as we bank hard left, approaching Negril beach and the aerodrome

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