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Stick Fighting Introduction
Introduction to Stick Fighting

Ranges: How a weapon will be used is dictated by the range of the target. In Inosanto Methods we study 4 major ranges
Largo-mano ( or Long Range) The range at which, without moving opponents cannot hit each other in the head or body. The main target at this point is the hands and arms.
Sumbrada (Medium Range) The range where the body becomes accessible and the off hand can check, cover, or disarm.
Hu-bud (Close Range) The range where opponents are too close to effect Long or Medium strikes. Attacks with the butt of the stick utilizing a back fist like motion are common, as are punches with the clenched fists, hooking of limbs and neck.(which can lead to...)
Stick Grappling (Clinch, or Wrestling Range) The range when the stick is utilized to effect holds, bars and submissions. Sifu Inosanto has introduced many interesting techniques utilizing the stick in combination with silat and Machado Jui-Jitsu principles and techniques.
Single Stick Techniques
Lacosta family techniques
12 count single stick
Meet the force
Follow the force
Amerra Single Stick Basics (each pattern done five times followed by low backhand, high backhand)
Figure 8 Family
Upwards x5
Downwards x5
Ab Lau Line: Shoulder to opposite hip, follows same line back up.x5
Boo Lon Line: Hip to opposite shoulder, follows same line back up.x5
Abanico or Fanning: Wrist stays straight, pivot at shoulder, and swing elbow back and forth. Strikes to the sides of the target, very fast. High x5, Low x5, High to Low x5, Low to High x5.(each set separated by Lbh, Hbh
Basic Abecedario: 1-5 counters and follow ups
Deflections from five angles of attack. #1 forehand, #2 back hand, #3 waist forehand, #4 waist Bh, #5 thrust.
Disarms: Snake, Vine, Strip, Eject, Wave; or Sectors
Sumbrada Drills
Feed and check
Hu-bud Drills
Double Stick Techniques (can be done as various counts 4,6,etc.)
Abecedario:A,B,C,'s All Single stick  techniques can be repeated on both sides, strikes done with out chambering arms on opposite side. (No follow thru)
Kob-Kob: Short forehand strikes torque-ing feet, hips and shoulders.
Pye-Pye: Short backhand strikes with arms crossed the body. Same torque as kob-kob.
Siniwali Techniques (weaving style: Arms can follow thru and chamber under or over each other)
heaven, standard, earth
chamber under arm  and strike downwards
chamber above elbow and strike upwards at vitals
mix in roof block / shield (four ct. I,B,II)
Redondo Techniques (repeat by hitting same side)
Heaven, standard, earth
Swing behind head(longer motion)
Swing in short circle without going behind head(short motion)