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Poems From Chris

Alone (3-12-00)

Alone in the cold of winter,
I wander from place to place.
Completely detached from the world around me.
Non-believing of what my life has become
I stray from all that I know.
I do not run away from the past,
I move towards something new
To find what I do not know.
On my journey I lose my way.
If Iím not careful I may freeze.
I might end up in the same place I started.
Wandering this world alone in the cold of winter

Fear In Love (5-10-00)

The distance overcome
I feel there is a new challenge.
One that I created,
One I hope to conquer.
Fate brought us together,
Fear broke me down,
Destroyed what we worked for.
I was afraid,
Of what might happen,
Of what already had.
I was unsure of myself.
I know now I was wrong.
These feelings betrayed me.
I want things back.
I hope love will keep us together.

Forever (2-28-00)

For every beginning
There is an end.
From every end
There is a new beginning.
Life begins with love.
If there is love between two people,
They can create magic.
Love is a miracle.
It is a miracle of life.
And life is a miracle of love.
Both are very fragile.
Life as we know it comes and goes.
It can be taken when we least expect it.
Love is based on trust.
Trust can be destroyed just as life.
Though life must come to an end,
There does not have to be an end to love.
If two people are meant to be,
Their love will go on.
They will live forever in each otherís hearts,

Hiding In The Dark (3-15-00)

Do you like what you see inside your mind?
In the darkness behind closed eyes,
There is no protection from yourself.
Thoughts pound and tear at your brain,
Not knowing from which direction the next will come
You try to prepare yourself.
The darkness is now your enemy.
No matter where you try to hide, it finds you
And a little piece of you is torn away.
The darkness is pain.
A pain you try to hide from the world,
But you cannot hide it.
You can only learn to control the darkness.
Showing the world only that which you choose to.
Not allowing the darkness to escape.
It is contained inside your mind.
Letting in the light of day,
You can only trap it.
You cannot control it though.
It will always be able to hurt you if you let it.
Always at itís most dangerous,
Ready to strike at any time,
It is like a caged animal.

 Ignorance (2-18-00)

Ignorance comes from hate,
hate from fear,
fear of what we do not understand.
These are things that breed violence.
Violence breed more violence.
This is the world we live in.
But there is a light in all the darkness.
A light that is struggling,
fighting to shine through.
A light of hope,
Shinning through you.

 Jill (inspired by Jill Thompson)

Just as I break you are there to pick up the pieces.
I think about the worth in my life and think of you.
Love is the one thing you are missing.
Life is what you give to those around you.
Relying on nobody but yourself
And giving me the support I need.
Nobody else could do for me what you have done
Anticipation for each weeks end,
You are always there in my mind.

Life Is Love (2-17-00)

From the second we are born
We are loved.
The pain life brings
Prepares us for death.
Yet still we fear it.
A fear of the unknown.
A fear we run from.
A fear we hide from.
Yet there is no escape.
The only certainty is,
Life is love.

Logic (3-1-00)

Logic becomes illogical,
The rational become irrational
What we do makes no sense.
Only the sense we make of it.
At times we have no control.
Emotions pulling you in every direction.
The voice of sanity seeps through the mouth of madness.
All that it tells me is that I love you.

1 (2-16-00)

I close my eyes,
I see a face.
A face of beauty,
A face of love.
A love that shelters,
A love that protects,
From light,
From dark,
From night,
From day.
I open my eyes,
The face is gone.
I realize, it was you all along.
My light, my love.

2 (2-16-00)

When you come and go
like the ebb and flow.
The ocean that is,
The ocean that was.
Becomes life, with death.
Love, with hate.
Night, with day.
You have become part of me.
I have become part of you.
We have stolen each others hearts.

Pain (2-17-00)

Life without pain is misery.
Pure joy is a mystery.
Hate is given
Love received.
Life is taken
Pain relieved.

 Restless Mind and Soul (4-15-01)

Restlessness fills my mind and soul.
As confusion about my life fills my head,
Things become less clear in whole.
Not yet understanding the problem,
Depression set in.
When asked what was wrong,
I know not where to begin.
Told that it is love,
Yet unsure of where my heart lies.
I still search for my one sent from above.
I know not where the road ahead leads,
Only where I have traveled.
Things around me moving at different speeds,
They become more difficult to interpret.
I have become melancholy,
Love seems hopeless.
My biggest fear revealed.
Will I be alone eternally?

Revenge (3-13-00)

Wronged in life,
He tries to right it in death.
A pale warrior sent to earth,
He becomes vengeance,
Hunting for those who did him wrong.
Even In death he cannot find peace.
He will always be tormented.
Haunted by the ghosts of the past

Rotten is the world (3-7-00)

Rotten is the world we live in.
I see death all around me.
Hate and intolerance,
This is the way of the world today.
Things must change.
What has happened to us?
The world has become blurred.
We see only black and white.
You are the only color that exists,
Wandering through this ugly world
Walking through life like a lost child.
Trying to find a place to hide, searching for something.
Searching for that one thing that will make you feel safe.
The world has become a grotesque stage of killing.
Lost in all of this is that little child.
Not strong enough to survive,
The child is burned by the hatred
Never heard from again.
No longer is there color in the world
There is no hope.

The Demons (3-3-00)

I am alone in a crowded room,
The demons inside my mind
Tearing and ripping at my soul.
I fight them with all of my being
But I fight a battle I cannot win.
Not alone, I need your help.
With your help I can beat them.
I canít let them win.

The Girl I Love (6-28-00)

Enchanted by her presence
I know not what to do,
How to act,
Or what to sayÖ
I am hypnotized.
I see my fate in her eyes.
Heaven is not a place,
Heaven is being with her.

The Illusion Of Heaven (4-27-01)

Smiling down upon me from high above, surrounded by infinite light and infinite dark. The inevitable feeling of joy is overwhelming at the sight of such a beautiful creation. Curiosity follows however, of how to attain such a creation, such peace.
I feel old beyond my years... I have no wisdom to share. I have nothing to offer. Why does it smile at me? Or is it all a dream that I should just let go? What hope is there for me with something so perfect? I think heaven is just an illusion.

The Net (2-17-00)

The door opens.
I know itís you,
But I cannot see.
Your face is hidden from all eyes.
Only hear the music in your voice.
Something that should never be
We will make happen.

The Painful Truth (3-25-00)

Where would we be,
Where could we be,
If what we shared had not happened.
Where would we be,
If we had shared more?
Would things be better?
Would things be worse?
Everything we have discovered,
Everything we have covered.
The truth will be revealed.
It cannot hide forever.
It may not be proud,
It may not be loud,
But it will be heard.
Its discovery may bring us no recovery,
But it brings pain to us all anyway.

The Silent Voice (3-26-00)

Unheard in life,
The silence echoes loudly
Through the ears of those who loved him
The world had left him long ago,
His body now lifeless,
They now realize his importance.
Death has finally given him a voice.

Together (3-1-00)

The closer we become,
The more I feel us grow distant.
Not from a lack of love,
But because of our love.
It is nothing that we can control.
We were meant to be together,
But we are being kept isolated.
Not from the world,
But from each other.
Though it makes our love grow stronger,
It makes me question.
Why has fate done this?
Maybe we are not supposed to know the answer.
With each passing day we grow stronger
Soon we will be together.
Fate has brought us together
Nothing will keep us apart.
Separate we are but two lost individuals,
Together we can accomplish anything.

Tragedy (2-29-00)

Running through my brain
Causing me such pain.
Torture of my soul,
Pain of my heart.
Ready to burst,
Unable to reach you.
It is a disaster.
You are my weakness.
Intuition tells you to stop,
Your heart pounds,
And your head screams to move forward.
You know itís wrong,
But nothing has ever been so right.
All you do is fight the urges,
There is no holding back.
You cannot fight.
There is no fighting it.
What was meant to be was meant to be.
Maybe itís fate,
Maybe itís our destiny,
We may never know.
My love is a tragedy.

Truth In Madness (3-27-00)

Lies and illusion,
Neither real,
Both hidden in mystery.
Shrouded in darkness,
Blinded by truth.
Not knowing what is right,
Not knowing what is wrong.
Is life a lie?
Is it illusion?
Is it all just a dream,
Or is there meaning behind the madness?
What is truth?
The end of things is the only real truth.
Nothing lasts forever.
Life is just a flash,
The only truth in life is death.

Truth (6-13-00)

A sun that sets on a lake of fire,
Turning the sky all colors of the rainbow.
Standing at the edge of a cliff
Over-looking the burning lake,
and the flames of reality,
they force me to see the truth.
that I am and may ever be,

Untitled (Inspired by Jill Thompson) (7-2-00)

I see forever in your eyes.
Behind the hurt,
Behind the pain you have suffered.
I feel the life,
The energy you radiate.
It overruns me and all I am when I see you.
Your eyes are filled with love and affection,
But they remain wavering.
Hesitant to bestow this love upon anyone.
Questioning your worth,
But I see you for what you are.
Undeserving of the pain caused by others,
You are perfect.

Untitled2 (3-26-00)

Hell is shown in the world.
The hate,
The arrogance,
The lies,
All seen day to day
Created by people who go on their way.
All is not lost in the world though.
There are some things still worth fighting for.
Beauty in the world can still be found,
But not by looking at the ground.
Some chances must be taken,
Sometimes you will fail,
Sometimes succeed.
Happiness is out there somewhere.
Maybe itís your best friend.
Find what makes you happy and bring it in.
Create a little bit of heaven.
Enlightened by your surroundings,
Heaven can be found in your heart.

We are one (2-25-00)

Trapped by the darkness
Surrounded by light
Your soul is clean and pure
Though your body unsure.
Dazed and confused
Your mind is cluttered with trivial thoughts.
Released from the darkness,
Freed by your love
Our souls unite.
We are one.
We are together.
Divided only by the distance of our bodies.
Kept apart by uncertainty
We have overcome it.
Distance is oblivion.
The distance is truth.
Yet still we are together.
We are one.

Where do I go from here? (6-28-00)

The delicate sounds of thunder rumble in the distance,
Driving me toward what I do not know.
The world surrounding me remains undecided.
Forced to hide out in the open,
I am driven from everything that is familiar.
I have been rejected by my own world.
This new world terrifies me.
What if I am refused?
How do I start again?
Where do I go from here?

You my hope, you my light (as titled by Jill Thompson) (4-16-01)

A small flicker of light in the darkness
Suspended in a world of nothingness.
Forever growing in a world retaining it.
It is the only thing remaining,
The only thing that matters in this empty realm.
It's brilliance shines for miles,
Lighting the way for all who want to see.
It is hope that leads them,
It is the light that shines within only you.