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Hello, My name is Jill Ranay Thompson and this is my first time to help put together a web page. I assisted the great Christopher Brian Martin. Together we came up with ideas and hope that they are entertaining enough for you.

We put in a few profiles of those who we consider our close friends. I met Christopher through a mutual friend (ex friend to be exact) of ours but we won't mention her name right now. She was just a stepping stone to a wonderful friendship that him and I have established. You will come across three other individuals, Rick, Susan and heather. I have known Rick for a number of years. I met him when I was sixteen years old. He was a red headed boy who attended the same church I did. We became smitten with one another and he became my first boyfriend. Thank God that I still have him in my life. We are best friends now and I wouldn't trade him in for the world. Rick was introduced to Christopher about a year ago. They are sweethearts and I call them my sugar daddy (Rick) and my angel (Chris). Both boys are the best and most caring men you will ever meet! Both of them are sensitive and no, they're not gay! Next subject is Heather; I met her though the police department. We have been "best buds" for a while now. We even have the key chains that say so. Again, she was introduced to Chris and Rick. Susan came into my life thanks to a piece of crap named Toby. He hurt us both very much. At one time her and I disliked one another so much! We were able to overcome that and get to know the real "us". I am thankful to Toby for one thing. Without him, I would of never met a person so wonderful, generous, caring, sweet and trust worthy person. THANKYOU TOBY! (I doubt he will ever come to this site… lol) Also, we all came together to form a circle of friends. We hang out mostly at Cassies, a place, where if you get drunk enough…you'll speak of some of the most embarrassing TMIs (too much information) in the world! We have a blast though. I love my boys and I love the girls!!! Don't forget to check out the pictures taken at Cassies. Now, one thing left to speak about is Winnie the Pooh! He is one in a million and Chris' says he is "yellow". Either way, the best way to my heart is through him. "He's the pooh… take a big whiff!"


As for Christopher, he is intelligent, caring and one of the best friends that you can ever have. I am glad that I met him through that mean girl that hurt us both in her own bizarre way. He has been there for me through thick and thin, I can only hope that I will be able to return the favor. He and I both worked hard on this web page, more so him than me, I just sat here giving orders! He kept his cool and kept me happy with some Kool aid. So we both hope that you guys get a kick out of our fun and hard work! I believe it is one of my favorite projects that I have completed. Chris probably thinks, "Just another damn web page"




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