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Is your mouth watering yet ??


Painted bodies are for reference only and are not for sale.


 Resin slot car bodies, free shipping is included with 2 or more bodies.
$1.00 discount for each additional body purchased.
$10.00 for a bare body, some sanding is included. resin colors will vary.
$12.00 for a body cast in a solid color of your choice.
My custom resin bodies are one of a kind. you will not find copies of any other resin cast from any other person on my web site. My bodies are made from a high quality resin with a shore 70 hardness. if you dont see a special body style your looking for just ask. I can make any body style you need. Molds are $60.00 for a one piece body, and $75.00 for a two piece body. You will receive 3 complete resin castings from your mold for free. and the mold becomes the proptery of Jims Custom Rod Shop.









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