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I'll Cry Tomorrow:
Michael Rocky
Max Colt
Chad Power......asTum tum
Kate Emily
Michael O'Laskey Michael
Alex Buster
Rocky is something else when it comes to be being around different people. I thought as I sat on the grass beside him, but I'll tell you about that later. He's listening to his head phones and reading a book at the same time, beside me. I leaned over by him to see what he was reading when he abruptly closed the book and stood up with an extended hand to me.
"Dance with me, Emily." He said, giving me that charming crooked grin of his.
I took his hand and we began to dance back and fourth slowly- it is sooo embarrassing when he does this, because he can hear the music and as you can see I can't; he put his face close to my ear and whispered- "I love you." which I could feel was followed by a grin; we were the most popular couple in school because we'd been together since the first day we met- well he may tell you different but I'd say that's the first time I got a crush on him. Flash back.
I was new in the neighborhood and didn't wanna wander too far from the house when mom had said to me, 'go explore the neighborhood.' I took one of my favorite books and walked until I found the famous "Sunset Park" people back home in Minnesota used to tell me all kinds of stories about their visits to L.A. mostly about how everyone was fake or stuck up, et cetera. But one thing they always said at the end was 'go see Sunset Park, it'll change your life.'
I had no clue what they meant by that, but when I got there and looked down into it- because it was sunken into the ground, there were at least thirteen or fifteen stairs on either side of the park going down below- I was standing in the center at the top looking over a brass railing inside. The park had no grass, except for small patches under the trees that were growing in a straight row as if they were parting the park down the middle and on both sides of the park were a set of benches that were placed so that you had a view to the other side of the park between the trees. The grass that should have been there was covered by smooth, flat, wide brick- incasing the whole park. 'Some park.' I thought to myself and heard a loud sound coming up the side walk beside me, I was a bit to shy to see if it were children my age- 9- for me to talk to and from the laughs coming from them, they were definitely my age, but def! initely not girls; so I kept my back to them.
"Come on bro! Keep up or go back home!" A young boy shouted to another boy probably younger than him.
"What ever! You know this is my first time on roller blades." A smaller boy shouted back, when they got close up I glanced out the side of my eye to see a dirty blonde who looked about the age of 8, with beautiful hazel eyes and a brunette about the age of 6 with a nice friendly smile beside me. I made like I was interested in looking into the park and the older boy pushed me on the shoulder slightly and shouted something rude as he went by.
"Make sure you don't fall in!" He laughed over his shoulder and the other boy pushed me slightly and said the same. "Yeah make sure you don't fall in." He had a goofy laugh as he rode by, I wanted to turn and run home right than knowing I would never fit into L.A. life and then I saw something at the other end of the park, it looked like a good sized woods where I could be alone so I figured I could check back there.
I walked to the left side of the park and went down the stairs than followed the wall to the back of it and saw the gate thinking it was over before it started. 
"The gate must be here for a reason." I sighed out and turned around, but than I saw a sign that read: Ophelia's Walkway. The gate door was opened slightly so I walked inside and looked around. It was wonderful! There was nicely cut grass and trees scattered out all over the place in no real order and it looked like there was even a clearing a little further back, I walked over to the biggest tree I could find and sat down to read.
As I read though I heard someone reading along with me in the same place I was in the book and everything- I wasn't even reading out loud! It sounded like it was coming from above me, but when I looked up I saw no one. "Must be my imagination." I said to myself, as I brought the book back up to read I heard what sounded like a branch snapping and a boy fell in my lap. "Ugh!" He rubbed his butt and looked up into the tree with a frown. "That poor tree." He said.
"Are you OK?" I asked him and he turned looking rather startled, than when he noticed that he was sitting between my legs he blushed and moved beside me. "I flew out of the tree.....are you, OK?" He asked me back and I looked at him as though he were crazy, he was the one that fell from the tree not me but he kept his eyes on me waiting for the answer. "Yeah, I'm fine." I answered with a slight blush, his eyes were incredible: they were shaped like a cats and it made him look heavenly, they were blue green and perfect he himself was a looker as well, he had pale skin- like most blondes- only his was a bit lighter, his hair was a sandy blonde with an adorable cut, he had a crookedgrin, and the sweetest voice. He sat there as though he were looking at me thinking my appearance over as well then he looked down at the book in my lap holding his hands out to it. "May I?" He asked and ! ;I gave him the book, having his hand brush against mine; he even has nice hands very delicate like a musician. 
"Our sixth grade sugar babies. I read this when I was in the third grade. It's a good book." He said handing it back to me. I took it and couldn't find my words to respond, but just squeaked out. "Uh-huh," I cleared my voice and than answered again. "It's my favorite book, what's yours?"
"Ummm," he sat thinking, "gee that's a tough one I love everything I read- I read a lot." He blushed as though he said something wrong and than continued. "My favorite right now though, is Ransom, have you ever read it?"
I wished like anything that I had but I hadn't. "Sorry, no." I responded and he shook his head. "Don't be sorry, I can lend it to you anytime you like, I have a wide selection of books at home, you wanna come see 'em?" He asked with a look in his eyes that said 'I had no choice.' 
"Sure, if you'll walk me home after, I'm new here and I might get lost." I sounded like a typical un-cool new kid but he just smiled and nodded, holding out a hand. "I'll walk you home, it's a promise." He said winking at me and than he turned away and waited for me to stand right beside him.
"Ready?" He asked, and I nodded.
"Great, by the way, my name is Samuel Douglas, everyone calls me Sam cause my and dad and I have the same name. What's yours?"
"Emily," I said to him keeping an even pace so I wouldn't fall behind.
"Emily, is that like Madonna or do you have a last name?" He asked with a grin so I'd know it wasn't a smart remark, but I knew that already he didn't seem like he'd hurt a fly. "No, it's Emily Hart."
"That's a pretty name, I like it." He said. Flash Forward.
And that was the first time we'd ever met, so my friends were right about the park you gotta see it, because somewhere around will be the famous- this is what everyone calls them- Douglas brother's. "Emily!" Rocky shouted to me, which meant he was trying to get my attention for a long while. "What is it?" I asked snapping out of it.
"I'm sorry I yelled at you, but, do you have any gum on you; I'm fresh out."
I nodded reaching into my pocket to get a pack thinking. 'Rocky was a mint-aholic, he loved the taste and always wanted a piece of gum to chew on or a peppermint to suck on, he once had a dresser with 10 cases of Tic-Tacs hidden amongst the clothes inside of it.
"Thank you," he said as he took it from me, I nodded a response and looked at his watch quarter of 12.
"Oh no!" I almost shouted. Rocky got tense thinking I was in danger but I calmed him with an arm on the shoulder. "I was supposed to be at home to greet my cousin when he came today but I think he might already be there and un-packing."
"Well that's okay, we'll go there now, come on." Rocky took my hand and we ran back to my house.
Once we got there I didn't get the reaction from Rocky towards my cousin that I wanted.
"Hi there, little Rock'. How you treaten blonde over there." My cousin Buster joked. "You good to her?" He winked at him.
"My name is Samuel, only my friends can call me Rocky." He responded slightly bitter. "And I don't know what you're getting at, but I am perfectly responsible with her pal, so you can cut the wise cracks." He crossed his arms.
"Rocky!" I said astonished. 
I couldn't believe my ears! Rocky was being mean to my cousin, which brings me back to what I'd been thinking about earlier, that Rocky had different personalities with different people, he was really sweet and brotherly to some, or really goofy and fun with others, and really protective to some, but, people he felt odd around....he could really cruel- almost mean.
"Whoa, don't wig little Rock'," my cousin continued to joke ruffling Rocky's hair with his hand. "I was just joking about the 'little Rock' thing chill."
It didn't look as though He wanted to 'chill' as Buster put it at all. "Um, Emily, I gotta go. Can I talk to you later?"
He asked me in his normal tone, I wanted him to come upstairs where we could be alone- so I could ask him what was wrong- but he was already half way to the door, so I called to him as he left. "Sure, see you later."
"Man Em', your BF is weird." Buster said proceeding to mess up my hair as well, but I dodged his hand and swatted at him playfully. "Cut it out Buster, I like my hair the way it is without your fine tunning. And Rocky will lighten up to you, he's a great guy.....I think he just isn't used to your joking." I said lamely trying to think of a way to explain Rocky's behavior. "I'll talk to him later but right now, we have to go to dinner with my mom and dad, come on."
We walked out the door to my parents- who were waiting in the car for us- while I was introducing Buster to Rocky. Buster waved to us saying he was taking his car and he'd follow behind us. Today was going to be so fun, he was after all my favorite cousin.
I couldn't explain it, but I really didn't like that guy. I know he's Emily's cousin and she likes him, but......I just don't get a good vibe from him like I do with others. I walked inside the house and up to our room.
"Hey Rocky," Colt said when he saw me walk in, he and Tum were in the middle of a battle between, Jago and Cinder from "Killer Instincts." which was something they almost always were doing, they had this thing going where Colt thought Cinder was better and Tum thought Jago was better and it goes from there always trying to prove it.
I tried to hide my feelings at the moment by getting into the game with them, "so, who's winning so far?" I asked watching the screen but knowing without answer that it was Colt.
"I am. Colt might have that blasted spin, but I've got skills." Tum said with a triumphant grin, I smiled back at him, but it must have looked pretty sad to make him drop his controller and walk over to my bed to sit down.
"What's wrong with you?" He asked, I just shrugged and picked at the hem of my blanket, "I don't know." I responded lamely but I really didn't know. I knew that it was Buster but I didn't know what exactly it was that made it happen.
"You and Emily have a fight?" Colt asked not even pausing the game; thank God, because it got Tum and his twenty questions away from me. "Hey?!" He said rushing back to the game to finish playing. I lied down on my bed, placing my hands behind my head and closing my eyes- this was my usual thinking position, but it wasn't working.
I sighed loudly and opened my eyes. "you guys think I'm a pretty good judge of character, right?" I asked my brother's, hoping they wouldn't get all weird about the question.
"Hmm," poundered Tum, half-heartidly. Colt just looked at me shaking his head. "I guess so. I mean you've been right about almost everything in our lives so far, what would make people judgin any different." He shrugged me off then and put his mind else where.
"Tum, I'm not judging people, I'm just sorta-..." he cut me off before I could finishing saying, "hey, they were you're exact words not mine."
"Why does it matter, someone getting on your nerves?" Colt asked turning to me again.
"Not really, not in a sense but something about some one is bugging me." It was getting really hard to explain what I as getting at without coming off as a jerk, but, the words weren't there.
"Does this have anything to do with Emily's cousin?" Colt then asked me with some interest, I took a moment to think whether or not it was actually a good idea to tell and chose the not.
"Uh, I gotta go." I got up and walked downstairs hearing behind me.
"Girls, couldn't be me," come from Tum tum. I just shook my head and proceeded to the kitchen; once I got there I got myself a cup of milk and thought over it. 'Maybe I'm just overly protective over strangers around Emily? But he isn't a stranger- at least not to her......maybe I am just being overly protective,' I thought noddin to myself, 'everything will be fine tomorrow.' I took my cup to the living room and grabbed my homework that I accidently left on the side table in the living room.
I really wished my cousin wouldn't drink like he does, it's bad for him and wrong in general, he once got into some trouble when he was younger from drinking and had to spend a night in Juvenial Hall, my aunt was so woried when she heard about it and came to pick him up right away. 
He said he was scared and would never do it again, guess never came really soon because he doesn't look like he stopped at all.
"You're quiet Em'," Buster said to me on our way home- I decided to drive back with him. "you thinking about your lover boy Rock-o?" He laughed his usually happy tune and kept his eyes on the road and the bottle.
"Nothing's wrong if you stop drinking in the car while you drive, right now....." I didn't wanna sound like a nag, but it was really frightening to think of myself in a car accident like I'd seen on Rescue 9-1-1 when Rocky had a thing for watching that show, it grossed me out to the point where I left everytime, but he gladly gave it up for me. I couldn't help but smile at ho much he loved me and I guess it must have shown all over because Buster pushed me on the shoulder playfully and laughed. "You are thinking about, him aren't you?" I blushed a deep shade of pink and turned away. "Yeah, a little, but only because you-........"
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