Laborers local 2
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Laborers local 2, also known as the Sewer and Mine Tunnel Workers Union, is the former home of Chicago "Outfit" organized crime boss John "Pudge" Matassa, jr and former mobsters, LIUNA General presidents Angelo Fosco and his father Peter Fosco. It is the local of LIUNA Vice President Terrence Healy, son in law of Angelo Fosco, now special assistant to LIUNA General President Arthur A. Coia , and the local of Bruce Monaco, step son to Angelo Fosco

Laborers local 2 is a good example of nepotism run amok, where individuals are promoted based on who they know and not on what they know, on "family" connections not merit or ability, where the approval of organized crime carries more weight than the majority vote of union members.

It is a classic , textbook case of "Union Corruption" where innocent, hard working men and women  are cheated out of their right to have their economic interests protected and advanced by honest, competent leaders.

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