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A Year of Homemaking

Just click on the class to see a lesson plan, script, directions, handout or more information! Many of these may be adapted for Young Women, Mutual, or Ward activities.

January: It's A New Year

Pursuit of Excellence Presentation

February: Falling In Love With Family History

Family History Expo

March: Relief Society Birthday Party

How Well Do You Know the Relief Society?: Test your knowledge and win a prize!

Visiting Teaching Presentation

White Elephant Service Exchange

April: Emergency Preparedness

72 Hour Kits

A Year's Supply

Cooking with Food Storage

May: Spring Fling

Gardening Tips/Container Gardening

Stir Fry Secrets

June: Celebrating Summer Through Service

Sewing Caps for Preemie Babies

Donations for Homeless

Super Summer Salads

July: Our Heritage

Slipcovers and Upholstery

Great Women of The Church

Very Berry Cooking

August: Dog Days

Pool Party

Outdoor Grilling Ideas

September: Back to Basics

Budgeting Basics

Family Emergency Plans

Using Fresh Vegetables

October: Super Service Saturday

Family Community Service Project

Picnic Lunch

November: Gratitude Attitude

Inspiring Literature, Poetry, and Music

Holiday Baskets for the Poor In Heart

Crock pot meals

December: Christmas Party

Traditions At Our House

Two home Progressive Dinner

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