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         Berlin Tag-Along Wagon Trailers



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The Tag Along Trailer is a perfect companion for the Berlin Wagons it can be removed or attached in seconds. Each Tag-Along trailer comes with a trailer hitch especially made for the back end of the Berlin wagon. They have the same quality construction and three Wheel sizes to choose from to match your choice, with two colors Red and Green (green not shown)

Key Benefits


Description Wheels  Wgt. Body Size SKU # Price
Tag-AlonglilTag.jpg (6676 bytes) 10"1"  22 lbs. 26x17x9 F315 $69.00 
Tag-Along Green 10"1"  22 lbs. 26x17x9 F315G $71.00 
Tag-Along Tag_F315.jpg (9587 bytes) 280/250   Air 9" 23 lbs. 26x17x9 F315AT $77.00 
Tag-Along tagalong.jpg (11725 bytes) 410/350   Air 10"  24 lbs. 26x17x9 F600 $87.00 
Tag-Along Green 410/350   Air 10" 24 lbs. 26x17x9 F600G $89.00 

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