From humble beginnings on a building site King Adora have made waves in the British music scene!
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Not entirely sure about this but this is what I've pieced together so far.

Formed in Birmingham in late '98 King Adora were consisted partly of the former members of stonesy rockers 'The Blaggards' Matt Browne (vocals and guitar) and Martyn Nelson (guitar) who was previously in a band called 'Joylanders'.
Then at a rocky horror theme night at a local pub they stumbled across Robbie Grimmit (bass) who at the time was allegedly dressed as a she-devil. ~the mind boggles~ Robbie originally played guitar but then learnt bass there is speculation this was specifically to fill the vacant roll in the band.
Now a 3 piece in search for a drummer, they turned to the classified section of the local paper, which produced the then 17 year old Dan Dabrowski (: K completing the bands line up.
The dilemma of choosing a band name ensued, until inspiration struck Maxi when 'passing' a local sex shop - he spotted a giant sex aid named a King Adora. I saw it waving at me from a sex shop window," explains Matt.
6 months later they began playing local gigs, according to radio one DJ Steve Lamacq "By a gig number 4 virtually. People were running out of the gig, on their mobile, jumping into cars on their mobile phones, like something from the Sweeney or the Professionals, or one of those cop drama programs." Incidentally AandR men were so impressed by what they heard that on several occasions they made the effort to travel to the bands native Birmingham to see them perform, as the band did not initially play any London dates.