Massive Ego is constantly finding out new pieces of information about King Adora releases and dates. Check here regularly to find out the latest.
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Just to let you know the single 'Drag' will be released in the summer.

A statement from Maxi from the bands site

Darkest Brum Somewhere in March
Dear all,
Finally there seems to be some light in the dark! The limited edition single is et for release as I'm sure coypu know, followed by a second single at the end of June, and a third in August. The album will be an early October release. Tours will accompany all.
The first double A-Side features "Born to Lose" and "Kamikaze". I changed the title of Bulimic to Born to Lose, as I felt the song was about more than just Bulimia, but all types of self control, self obsession and addiction - it also gathered inspiration from Plath's "The Bell Jar", and that continual female struggle in patriarchal hell.
Obviously we didn't want any comparisons to "Big isn't Beautiful" either. So, sorry about that but I'm prone to impulse and indecision at the best of times (schizo??)
The second single looks set to be a new song called "Drag" (a 20th Century "Lola" if you like) which I guarantee will be one of the most played songs on the airwaves this year. We will start showcasing it on our next tour, and I'm sure it will become a live favourite
The last year or so has been a nightmare for us as a band. What with parting from Mercury, and having to constantly battle against an ever fickle industry, add in a cocktail of personal problems, over indulgence in all things bad, and a constant battle against all the odds - ended up with me wondering if we were going to make it. I guess as a band we're far more resilient than I thought.
The tour last November filled us with more determination than ever. We had no record out and still all of you stuck with us and rammed the venues - it really blew us away! Your passion and patience leaves us constantly in your debt. We have the best fans by far, and I promise you we won't let you down. We have a great team around us, and the support and response to the new stuff has been unbelievable.
I really believe we're important and we've gone through too much to give up now.
Thank you being there and I can't wait to see you all soon.
Love always
Maxi x

King Adora have signed a new deal to Mushroom (Muse's label) and there is a tour planned starting next month. Dates are on the gigs page.t


Roumours are spreding that King Adora have been dropped from Superior Quality and are no longer being covered by Hall or Nothing. I don't know how true these rumours are, I will endevour to find out.


There will be a King Adora gig on Bank Holiday Monday (April 1st) at

Jug of Ale
43 Alcester Rd,

Band on stage @ 9pm
Tickets (£5) are available from:

Swordfish Records,
Temple Street,
Tel 0121 633 4859
(tickets also available on the door)

The band have been recording since Christmas and 'Tokyo Honey' is set to be released mid to late April, expect a tour around then. News is a bit thin on the ground, roumoured B-side is Bullimic which has rather confused lyrics and general opinion is that Big Isn't Beautiful and Bullimic's lyrics are mixed up.

The Electric ballroom gig was the "best gig we've ever done!" according to Maxi who was on top form. Robbie took his top off for the second half of the set. Again the set was a complete mix of old and new tracks. Not being satisfied with their stage presence also has pyrotechnics (fireworks) throughout the set and a huge storm of purple tica tape at the end! The support bands were 'Kid Galahad' and the 'Candies'. The band were charging £2 entrance for everyone on the guest list which is going towards a womens shelter in Wolverhampton called Haven, the proceeds from the merchendise is also going towards this worthy cause.  Also I found out that easyworld are playing a New Years eve gig at Highbury Garage in Islington on New years eve, I'll post more details as I get them.

The Stratford Rex gig was good although the attendance was bad with 50 people in a 500+ capacity venue! They played a mixture of new material and album tracks all were well received the gig was officially a warm up for the next 4 dates as "even WE need to warm up!". The band also have new hairdos including Dan which couldn't be described without using photographic evidence so in the not to distant future I ought to be able to post some pictures!

There have been rumors on My Vitriol web sites that King Adora have been dropped by their label Superior Quality. There is no information on the official site or the Superior Quality site so I think this is just a rumors, this would also be an odd time to drop a band just after they have recorded but not released an album! I will try and ask tomorrow at the Stratford gig.

A warm up gig has been seen advertised for next Friday in NME at the Stratford Rex in London (contact details are on the gigs page) the nearest tube is Stratford (suprise) doors are at 7.30 and the venue had wheelchair access, hope to see you all there, I'm the one with the blue and pink wheelchair!

The official King Adora site has just been updated with a new look and new photos and a merchandise area. There have also been some live dates announced;

12/12/01  -  Birmingham Academy
13/12/01  -  Electric ballroom Camden
14/12/01  -  Hop and Grape Manchester
15/12/01  -  King Tuts Glasgow

This is the transcript of the web chat.

Although Weezer have cancelled all forthcoming UK dates King Adora will still be playing in Birmingham on Haloween. King Adora did a web chat for Radio 1 this evening, a full transcript will be avalible here soon. Maxi DJed for Stay Beautiful club's opening last month, according to Simon Price, the club owner Maxi was suprisingly proficient at using the DJ equiptment than the other guest DJ's they have had. Maxi's setlist was;
Guns N¹Roses: 'Welcome To The Jungle'
Suede: 'The Drowners'
Manic Street Preachers: 'Little Baby Nothing'
AC/DC: 'You Shook Me All Night Long'
Blondie: 'Hanging On The Telephone'
Mansun: 'Stripper Vicar'
Daisy Chainsaw: 'Love Your Money'
Transvision Vamp: 'Baby I Don't Care'
Madonna: 'Like A Virgin'
Subcircus: '86'd'
Alice Cooper: 'Poison'
Violent Femmes: 'Add It Up'
Duran Duran: 'Wild Boys'
The Clash: 'I Fought The Law'
David Bowie: 'Rebel Rebel'
T.Rex: 'Solid Gold Easy Action'
Nirvana: 'On A Plain'
Joy Division: 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'
Aerosmith: 'Love In An Elevator'
Soft Cell: 'Tainted Love'
Wham!: 'Freedom'
Smashing Pumpkins: 'Today'
Pixies: 'Debaser'
Sex Pistols: 'Bodies'
King Adora: 'Smoulder'
(At least, that's what he planned to play beofrehand. It might have changed on the night).

First of all I'd like to apologise for the gap in updates which were due to technical problems. Dans new hair, it's bassically a spiked mohican. (a line of spikes going across the centre of his head)
King Adora are supporting Weezer in a Radio 1 endorsed show in Birmingham see the Radio 1 site for more details.
According to venues King Adora are booked for another tour in November but thats not confirmed yet.

Friday Night Explodes is scheduled for release as an internet only release on the 3/8/2001. There will also be limited release of 2,000 CDs available by post from The Superior Quality Shop priced £3.50 and 50p P+P payable to “Superior Quality Recordings” at P.O. Box 30859, London W12 7GH. These are on a firstr come first served basis and will be dispatched 1st class on the 2nd of August. The single and a selection of other songs will be avalible for download on the official site and on Superiour Recordings site.

Robbie has had a major hair bleach and cut since last tour which he unveiled at the Bristol warm up gig then he dyed it black before they played T in the Park which I personally think is and improvement on the blond. The video for Friday Night Explodes reaced number 1 in mtv2's most wanted chart earlier this week.
Apparently the B-sides to Friday Night Explodes will be;
7" Friday Night Explodes/Saturday Night Ignites
CD 1 Friday Night Explodes/White Noise Babies/Bionic ($6,000,000 Remix)
CD 2 Friday Night Explodes/Saffron/ Friday Night Explodes Video

The video for Friday Night Explodes has started showing on MTV2's Most Wanted at number 13 but isn't added to either Kerrang or Q music yet, the video features the band in a lounge type room which is really odd, quite large it has a TV in which Robbie fiddles with a bit - this is the first video where they haven't had their instruments with them, other bits in the video feature Dan chatting up a blonde, smashing glasses, a clock turning to 10 o clock, Maxi doing his eyeliner, Martyn mock tut tuting and Robbie followed into the bathrooms to wash his face and then when he turns round theres a camra crew behind him.

The tour with QOTSA has now ended and there doesn't seem to be another UK tour lined up for the foreseeable future (although this is the band who say they never plan more than 5 minutes ahead) However there is promise that there will be a new setlist at the Reading/Leeds festival.

Friday Night Explodes is definatly the next single and is released on the 16th of July. Almost immediatly after that they are popping  over to Japan to play the Summer Sonic Festival on the 18th and 19th of July followed by a one off gig at Tokyo Liquid Rooms on the 21st. These will be the bands first overseas gigs.

Vibrate You reached number 30 in the album charts and all the album lyrics are now uploaded. On the 30th King Adora recorded Bionic and Smoulder for the last in the series of the Popfactory on BBC Wales but also then went on the play a few other tracks including Friday Night Explodes, Scream and Shout and Suffocate. They are also confirmed in their Queens Of The Stone Age Tour and the dates have been added to the gig section of the site.

The Virgin signing was excellent and Virgin megastores put up proper barriers this time as last time there were frail little red things which fell over. The band were signing till at least 8.30 probably later. On stage Maxi said that King Adora would be supporting Queens Of The Stone Age on their next tour which is the 5 to the 13th of June(in the middle of GCSE's and AS's ans ALevels). This isn't confirmed yet although I've also heard this from other people.

Bionic reached number 30 in the official Pepsi Network Chart today! Last nights sell-out gig at the Astoria was amazing and featured their longest set yet of 11 songs including Smoulder where Dav from easyworld played Maxis guitar for him while Maxi sang. I've heard that the next single will be Friday Night Explodes and I've also heard that King Adora are playing at the Popstarz club at the Scala on the 1st of June however these are unconfirmed. Vibrate You is released tomorrow so go and buy it and show your support.

Bionic got to number 20 in the day of release charts which is excellent! I have also posted the TAB for Suffocate as worked out by Simon (much thanks) into the TAB section suprisingly.

Bionic is released tomorrow - buy it!
I have added a forum to the interactive page and I've changed the pictures on the e-cards so they ought to work now. I've also added reviews of Bionic and Vibrate You and some interview transcripts. On the bands health front, Maxi can speak again but he is still a little bit worried about singing, Dan is a bit ill and wouldn't hug anyone at Brighton. Maxi also still doesn't have any shoes after throwing them into the audience at Manchester so he's currently wearing Robbies trainers. I've heard through Doug - easyworld's manager that the Astoria has sold out altho he isn't sure. I will phone soon to find out.

Guess what the release dates of the album and the single have been moved back to the 14th and 21st.
You can now vote for this site at so please show your support and vote. There is also now an interactive section of the site which I'm currently building up so please don't moan if it looks a little bare at the moment. There is currently a poll running on it about Maxis real age, so take the time to vote. Apparently the band have got an interview on The Evening Sessions on Radio 1 tomorrow night which is 97-99 FM and between 8 and 10pm. The transcript of the XFM interview is up now (be warned its long)in the interviews section.

I can confirm that the Meanfiddler (LA2) gig in London has been moved to the Astoria due to the huge demand for tickets which is amazing just to give you an idea of sizes the Meanfiddler is 900 capacity and the Astoria is over 2000 (Mansun played there headlining 2 tours ago) so for this to happen with a band who haven't yet released their first album is phenomenal.
Everyone seems a little confused about the official release dates of 'Bionic' and 'Vibrate You'. Bionic will be released on the 7th of May and the album 'Vibrate You' will be releases on the 14th of May.

On the 23/04/01 King Adora did a secret gig in Birmingham at the Jug to a small audience. I will post the setlist here asap. Last night Maxi and Martyn were on XFM and did quite a long interview. A full transcription is already in the interviews section. The tour also kicks off officially in Norwich tonight.

The new video for Bionic has been loaded onto Kerrang TV (selection 705) which is available through Digital. I've seen the video which I think is excellent! It featured little electric connections to the band and their instruments. Then they trash their kit!
King Adora are also confirmed to play the Radio One evening session tent at Reading and Leeds 2001!

Both the gig at the Garage and the gig at Bedford Esquires were brilliant, the setlist both nights was;
The Law
Don't Trust The Ones You Love
Big Isn't Beautiful
Freak (B-side to Bionic)
Super Muff Divers
At the Garage the interlude consisted of the band spraying the audience with silly string and glitter spray. New T-shirts are available and there are some MO*HO*BISH*O*PI  and easyword T-shirts too so get saving for next tour. There are also free sets of King Adora button badges and stickers too which you can get from the merchandise stall.

Apparently this is the track-listing for the album 'Vibrate You'
Big Isn't Beautiful
Friday Night Explodes
The Law
We R Heroes
Super Muff Diver
Music Takes You
More new and a review of the Bedford and Garage gigs coming soon.

The lads almost got arrested while finishing the filming of the 'Bionic' video in the early hours of the morning (they got up at 7.30am) of the 16th of April, as the volume was so loud that they could be heard in the surrounding neighborhood!

I've finally been able to get the officially confirmed tour dates and they are all up in the 'Gigs' section of the site. I've also got info on the album which, after much indecision, will be called 'Vibrate You' and will be released on the 21st May and the new single will be 'Bionic' (re-release I know) and will be released on the 30th April.

IF AND ONLY IF you want to take Steven(lead singer) from Crackouts word on this, the new album is 12 tracks and is going to be called 'Vibrated'. I've also added some more tour dates, these I've found on individual venues websites but the tour hasn't been officially announced yet.

I went to the Easyworld gig in London last night, it was reminiscent of the tour because Crackout and King Adora were there too, although the venue was smaller and Dans hair wasn't falling apart as he'd got his hair safely (or so he thought) tucked under a black beanie.
Easyworld and Mo*Ho*Bish*O*Pi are defiantly playing the Garage gig and the rest of the tour which is very soon after the Garage.
King Adora are recording their video for their next release 'Bionic' (re-release) today, somewhere in South East London.

I just got my tour copy of  Bionic the twins fanzine and it's excellent, for details of how to get one look at the fans section of the site. The forum and a responses form are now up under 'guest book' among other things. I got my bag back from Sheffield back the other day and the films are being developed and should be ready by Thursday so I'll get them up ASAP! Oh and I'm adding more live pics today! Last night the official site was updated with tour diaries and reviews of gigs on the last tour. You can find these by going to the main gigs link (the 'n') then going to the link to the tour archive!

All business for Massive Ego has now changed to this site as in opposed to the homestead one, and Rosie has ceased to be a part of the Massive Ego project.
According to SMD Mo*ho*bish*o*pi and Easyworld will be supporting King Adora at the Garage gig, tickets seem to be running incredibly low if they haven't already sold out!
King Adora are doing a gig for  XFM at Sound Republic on the 12th March. Tickets are only available by listening to XFM sadly, however you can listen online at their web site.

As most people have already heard Suffocate got to number 39 in the commercial charts on Sunday! At the signing on Friday in Oxford Streets Virgin Megastore there was an amazing turn-out of apparently 700 people watching the set and 500 people getting things signed! There is a gig announced at Highbury garage on April 12th which is during the Easter break for anyone who's at school or college.

This isn't new as such but just a few little bits of info that you might be interested in or whatever firstly Super Muff Diver is back! Its on the new set and making a comeback. The boys have got a big new Starliner tourbus not the old little gold one. Matty G isn't a roadie anymore but came to the Astoria gig anyway, he says it was too much grief going on tour with the band.

Well the tour is underway, Martyn has a new haircut and the official site has been updated with a link to Massive Ego!
The Official release date for Suffocate is the 19th of Febuary, not the 12th as it was previously said on Radio One.

I have heard from reliable sources that Maxi and Martyn are on holiday in Sweden for a while during their holidays!

Suffocate is up on Napster on most servers now- although if you download it buy the single when it is released. And of course if you don't download it buy the single anyway!
According to Melody Maker all the King Adora gigs are over 14s and over 18s are required ID to get into the bar area. However say that they are over 18s gigs.
I hope everyone had a good Christmas and has a brilliant New Year.
The release of the new album is apparently 30th April according to the release date book at MVC - thank you Clarey but is still currently unnamed.

There is a rumor that the lads are going to Japan for 6 months!!! (We may well go insane!) But they are doing 2 UK tours first.

Rumors are that there will be some sort of Christmas/New Year/Fans gig but the official site are not saying anything on this topic.