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Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes Characters
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Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes Characters
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Here you will find character bios on the characters from Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes.


Solid Snake

Ex-FOXHOUND Operator. IQ 180. Speaks 6 languages fluently.

Also known as "The legendary mercenary", "A man who changes impossible into possible", since his outstanding activities in "OUTER HEAVEN CRISIS" and "UPRISING OF ZANZIBAR".

Colonel Campbell called Snake back from his solitary life in Alaska which he has been living since he left FOXHOUND, to ask him to infiltrate Shadow Moses Island.

Meryl Silverburgh

Campbell's niece.
As a recruit Meryl was assigned to Shadow Moses Island and arrived at the Island at the very day of the terrorist act, and this dragged her into this incident. She will work with Snake to fight against the terrorists.

Born in a house of military tradition, from her childhood days she has trained herself to be able to become a soldier. Has no combat experience just like any typical recruit. Being a woman, she singlehandedly uses a Desert Eagle.

Roy Campbell

Ex-Commander of FOXHOUND. Though already retired from the armed forces, he has been called out because there was no other commander who could get in touch with Solid Snake, the only man who can interdict the terrorist act of this time.
Before entering the "former" FOXHOUND, he served in the US Marine Corps, Green Beret and Delta Force. In FOXHOUND, he was assigned to X.O. of the unit for his strategic planning capabilities backed up with his experiences. After the death of Big Boss, he discarded the codename system in the unit, and had built up the "new" FOXHOUND making full use of various hi-tech equipment including reconnaissance satellites. Though civilian now, he shows up in the military uniform wearing a beret.

Naomi Hunter

The medical chief of FOXHOUND. A brown-skinned beauty. In charge of gene therapy and gene strengthening.

Her staffs affectionately call her "Doctor Naomi".

Mei Ling

She is in charge of the communication data processing in this operation. A student of MIT. Her nationality is China (Kwangtung), though born in the US. Grew up in China Town.

Specializing in the image and data processing operations of spy satellites, . She also developed the new communication equipment and radar used by Snake in this mission.


Liquid Snake

A man who has the same appearance as Solid Snake.

After the uprising of Zanzibar (after Solid Snake left the unit), he joined FOXHOUND. His splendid fighting skills made him the combat leader of FOXHOUND. He is the mastermind of this terrorist act.

Revolver Oceolot

FOXHOUND member. Ex-Spetsnaz.

A gun nuts who loves cowboy movies and spaghetti Western. He is also a "torture-maniac." His name is known from being a special torturing adviser at concentration camps, during his Spetsnaz days.

Vulcan Raven

FOXHOUND member. Has an Alaskan Indian and an Inuit as his parents.

Can stand severe cold and has a strong body, which enables him to handle a gatling gun (normally equipped on jet fighters) just like a rifle. Brought up as a shaman and has supernatural abilities of some kind. Has a tattoo of a raven on his forehead. An elite who graduated from the University of Alaska.

Sniper Wolf

FOXHOUND member. Genius in sniping.

Has such incredible patience that she can keep aiming at her target for a long time (even a week) without eating or drinking.
A Kurd (Iraqi tribe). She takes care of wolfdogs kept in the base, because she sees something of herself in the wolfdogs -- a product of crossing wolves and huskies -- as she has within herself the personality who sold herself to the US.

Psycho Mantis

FOXHOUND member. Was a psychic secret agent for KGB. Has powerful psycho-kinesis powers and the ability to read people's minds.

Losing his position in the Soviet Union after its crumble, he moved to the US. He served in the FBI for a while, then became a freelance espionage agent to be scouted to join FOXHOUND.

Decoy Octopus

FOXHOUND member. Details unknown.


Nastasha Romanenko

Military analyst, female, in her thirties, loves smoking. Specializing in hi-tech weapons and nuclear weapons. Lives in Los Angeles. Her support to Snake is provided via Codec.

She served in the DIA(Defense Intelligence Agency), NSA(National Security Agency), but the end of the Cold War deprived her of her position in the government organizations. She leaves the bureau to become a freelance analyst.

Master Miller

MacDonel Benedict Miller. A third generation AJA (American of Japanese Ancestry).

He served in the SAS, Green Beret, Marine Corps and FOX-HOUND as a master of survival training. In those days he was familiar among soldiers as a hard-hearted instructor and was called "Master Miller" with respect. After retiring from the armed forces, he lives in the nature of Alaska.


Donald Anderson

The chief of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). He is taken hostage at the Alaskan base by the terrorists.
Why he was at the nuclear disposal facility is unknown.

Kenneth Baker

The president of ArmsTech company, which is the leading company of the military industry. Rotund middle age man.
He is taken hostage at the Alaskan base by the terrorists.
Why the president of a civilian company was at the nuclear disposal facility is unknown.

Hal Emmerich

An engineer of ArmsTech company. White wearing glasses, and have friendly nature. He is taken as one of the hostages in the terrorist act of this time.

Loves Japanimation (Japanese animation). His nick name "Otacon" comes from the "OTAKU CONVENTION" that is a fan event of Japanese animation held in the US, and of which he is a regular participant.

Unknown Subjects

Cyborg Ninja

A cyborg ninja whose identity is unknown.
Covered with stealth camouflage, cuts through steel and even bullets with his sword.

Jim Houseman

Secretary of Defense.
Controls the anti-terrorist operations from AWACS.

Big Boss

Former chief commander of the FOXHOUND unit. Participated in many wars since the 70s as a mercenary. Has become a legendary figure, worshipped as the "Great Soldier."
He became the chief commander of the special hi-tech forces unit FOXHOUND founded in the 90s. He uses his huge funds, people, and connections he has accumulated during his mercenary days and founds the independent armed nation "OUTER HEAVEN," but his acts are stopped by Solid Snake.
He escapes to Central Asia and again founds an armed fortress called Zanzibar Land, but again Solid Snake stops him.