Spanish Lessons in Argentina.
Prof. Osvaldo Carnero
Private tutoring (Private lessons: face-to-face...or online...)
Come to Cordoba, Argentina... and learn to speak Spanish easily !! ... the Spanish spoken in Latin America a friendly, communicative atmosphere...
Or else, you can have SPANISH ONLINE LESSONS AT YOUR PLACE...using Skype with me! This is almost the same as having a lesson face to face! :-)

Osvaldo Carnero (right) teaching Spanish to Jason Turi (left), an American pupil from from New York...




Curso de Castellano para Extranjeros
Spanish Courses in Argentina

Now you can learn Spanish effortlessly with Osvaldo Carnero, an experienced private teacher who will take you to a real immersion in Latin-American life and language...
Latin-America -and Argentina in particular- is the ideal place... to experience all you have read in books by authors like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Pablo Neruda or Julio Cortazar...
Now, Argentina is recovering from a serious economic crisis. Make no mistake: in spite of that crisis that took place a few years ago... or maybe because of it, Argentina is a place with promising business and investment opportunities in the near future...
So it is good time to learn how to say much more than that "Buenos dias..." that you practiced long ago in High School...!!
Now it is a must to understand not only the language but also the culture and mentality ... the spirit of Latin America...!!!

Why Cordoba...??

Because Cordoba is the second largest city in Argentina... It has most of the conveniences you can have in Buenos Aires: a university environment, excellent transport facilities, large, modern shopping centers where you can get whatever you may need...
...But, unlike Buenos Aires, Cordoba is not so cosmopolitan, European-like... In Cordoba, you will not be able to isolate yourself from the Argentine people... as you can easily do in Buenos Aires (You have areas, clubs and circles which are practically Japanese, American... or German... in Buenos Aires... where you can "survive" even if you speak no Spanish...!!)
Nothing of that in Cordoba... The tempo , the natural spirit of this city... as well as its friendly atmosphere, make it the best choice to make friends with Argentines, to talk Spanish with them... and... to feel the real Latin-American way...

Por todo eso...


* Private Spanish Courses in Cordoba, Argentina.
* Spanish Course in Argentina.
(Curso de Castellano en Argentina).
(Curso de Espanol en Argentina).
(Lecciones de Espanol en Argentina).
* Private Lessons (Clases Individuales).
* Conversation Courses (Cursos de Conversacion).
* Spanish tuition in Argentina (Ensenanza de espanol en Argentina).
* Business Spanish (Castellano Comercial).
* An introduction to Latin-American Culture and Mentality.
(Introduccion a la Cultura y la Mentalidad Latinoamericanas).
* Spanish Teaching Aids - Spanish Teaching Resources
* Audio-visual Aids (Recursos Audiovisuales)
* Understanding video-recordings (Comprension de situaciones en video)
* Dicussing Media Material, including Internet Pages
(Analisis de Material Periodistico, incluyendo Paginas de Internet)

* AN EXAMPLE OF MY ONLINE LESSONS using Skype (with video and audio!)

* REASONABLE FEES for one-to-one, personalized tuition.

* A FRIENDLY COMMENT ABOUT MY LESSONS by one of my former Spanish pupils, Daisuke Iwasaki, from Japan.
In Japanese, English and Castellano :-)

I have been teaching Spanish since 1980...
...and I have had pupils from different countries.
These are my pupils from all over the world !!
One example:

Osvaldo Carnero at a Chinese restaurant with Kunio Igarashi and Shingo Kaneko, two Spanish pupils from Japan...

My courses aim at your getting deeply involved in Latin
American life and culture. You are bound to listen to (and to dance
as well) the world-wide famous tango; have to enjoy the beautiful landscape surrounding our city. (This is Naoki Yokoi, my Spanish pupil from Saitama, Japan, feeding a young Tatu Carreta, an open zoo in the Hills of Cordoba...)
And you must learn (and try) our typical food and drinks (This is a pic of Timur Yusupov, my Spanish pupil from St. Petersburg, Russia, helping me with the asado ), in order to have a thorough experience of Argentina.
Singing in Spanish is a good way to learn the language. You can watch a video in which Jason (an American pupil) and I are singing a typical song in Argentina. It is a folklore song, a "zamba" , "ZAMBA DE MI ESPERANZA" , which got famous sung by Jorge Cafrune, a legend of Argentinian folklore...




*** My online lessons on Skype include an ORAL component, with AUDIO/VIDEO: I can teach you the oral aspects of Spanish. We can talk! ...using Skype. We will be face to face, talking in Spanish... And I can correct your pronunciation and accent... helping you acquire fluency & correction in the language. (If you want, I can tell you how to download the Skype soft from the Web. It's very easy.)

*** LATEST NEWS!! - I have just included a new feature to my lessons online: IT IS A NEW TEACHING RESOURCE! The teacher teaching two pupils in different points of the world AT THE SAME TIME!
Lessons online on Skype today afford you the possibility of having a lesson with your Spanish teacher in one place plus a partner (a classmate) in a different place
This is a very interesting situation where THE THREE OF YOU (you, your "virtual classmate", and your teacher) can involve in a very active conversation, moderated by the teacher, including timely grammar / vocabulary tips in text format, and so on.

Osvaldo Carnero

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