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Infinite Energy & Cold Fussion


Infinite Energy and Cold Fusion

Dr. Gene Mallove, 1947-2004

Dr. Eugene Mallove, scientist in the field of cold fusion and alternative energy research, has been one of the leading advocates of free energy technologies. His foundation, magazine, book on cold fusion, and numerouse research papers have offered new inspiration for serious researchers in the field of cold fusion. If you are interested in the environment and the economy, you will discover in his writings the answers to many technical, scientific, and political issues.

On May 14th, 2004, Dr. Mallove was murdered. It is a monumental tragedy. Visit the Infinite Energy site to learn what the US government is doing regarding alternative energy technology. The Department of Energy has finally decided to revisit the accumulated documented research on cold fusion after years of rejection of the concept of free energy. Perhaps the world will someday be free of dependence on fossil fules for heating and transportation. Cold fusion is here and it is real! more...

o  Dr. Eugene Mallove, New Energy Foundation 

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