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Bad Cops

These cops have been accused of bad things, but they may be innocent of the accusations

Have a cop you want to add to our list?


Add a bad cop to our list of bad cops?

  Been treated rude by the police? Maybe had your civil right violated by a crooked cop? Beaten up by the police? Seen bad cops plant evidence or frame somebody? Happens all the time. Send us your story and we will try to publish it on this web page. Remember this is a PG rated web site so please try to keep your language clean even if you're still in angry and in pain from that police beating. E-mail your stories to

Please include all of this information if possible:

  • Date and Time of incident:
  • Location of Incident
  • Police agency
  • Web site of the agency
  • Your web site
  • Names of all officers involved
  • Your name (we won't publish it if you ask)