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This section will  explain to you the major characteristics of moss.

     Mosses make up the division Bryophyta. Moss is a variety of small green non-flowering plants. That do not produce seeds. You might have seen moss growing close together on soil, rocks, bark of trees, and in bogs or shallow streams. Moss is borne on the gametophyte ( for more information on life cycle see: Moss; Life Cycle). They consist of small slender stalks and leaf like structures. Although vascular tissue is not present in moss. They have no roots, stems or leaves.

    The sporophtye consist of a base, or foot, embedded in the gametophyte tissue. This is a stalk that is usually long and hairlike; and a terminal capsule. The capsule in most species is covered by a small toothed lid containing numerous amounts of spores.These spores can be released in two ways, either explosively or by special peristome teeth.

                       moss.jpg (416247 bytes)

                                  Picture of a Moss Plant.

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