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This section is on the characteristics of fern.

    Ferns are spore-producing plants. Most live in shady damp places. Although certain species grow on dry ground, soil, or rocks. There are some ferns that grow strictly in rocky places, in fissures, in crevices of cliff faces, and in boulders. Still others grow as epiphytes (air plants) on trees.

    Ferns are among the oldest existing land plants today. Ferns can very in many different sizes from those who are only a few centimeters high to those who reach up to a height of 80 feet ( 24 meters).

    Most ferns have no trunks so the fronds grow directly from a short underground stem. Those who do have trunks have woody trunks without branches that are topped with clusters of feathery leaves, or fronds.

A.)fern.jpg (360968 bytes) B.) fern2.jpg (853484 bytes) C.) fern3.jpg (1298553 bytes)

Picture: A.) Alternations of Generations B.) Fern C.) Underside of a Fern Frond

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