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Welcome! Here is my very unofficial script to the greatest Disney film ever--The Fox and the Hound. This is possibly the only script to this movie on the entire web. I couldn't find one anywhere and, after hopeless searching, decided to do something about it. It took me many hours of careful watching, rewinding, and transcribing to do this script. Please give me credit if you want to use it. This script is purely for entertainment purposes. It's not even official. Everything in this movie is copyrighted by Walt Disney Productions. No profit is being made in the displaying of this script. If I am breaking any laws, I will gladly take it down. Please enjoy.

If you haven't yet seen the film(and where have you been?), go no further! This script closely represents, to the best of my abilities, what actually happens in the movie, word for word.

This script, naturally, does a poor job of representing the true beauty and power--visual, musical, and emotional--of this film.

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Part 3
Tod: A fox and the first main character. Playful and mischievous as a cub. Assertive sometimes to the point of immaturity. Sensitive and caring and loyal to those he is close to.

Copper: A hound and the second main character. Befriends Tod as a pup. Like Tod, he wants only to play. Unfortunately, he can't escape what he is. Nor can he escape the influences of Chief and Amos.

Big Mama: An owl. She's very wise and knows many things. She watches over Tod as he grows up. Warm and caring, Big Mama makes a very prominent motherly character. She is a very good friend to many who know her.

Amos Slade: The hunter. Has a short temper and often gets blinded by single-mindedness. Makes a living out of hunting other creatures for their skins.

Vixey: A female fox. Graceful, beautiful, and kind. She certainly knows more about the forest than Tod does. Acts mostly like a gentle lady but can be tough when she needs to be. Becomes Tod's love.

Widow Tweed: An elderly widow who finds and adopts Tod. She soon becomes very close to him but later realizes that she can't protect him forever. She is kind and caring and, at the same time, tough and spunky.

Chief: Amos' first hound. Loves to hunt but has lost his touch over the years. Despite this, he thinks he knows all there is to know about hunting. Like Amos, he is cranky and single-minded.

Dinky: A sparrow. Friend of Boomer. Has a calculating mind. Always after a caterpillar named Squeeks, whom he mistakes to be a worm.

Boomer: A woodpecker. Friend of Dinky. Sometimes a little clumsy. He provides the muscle in his and Dinky's attempts to get Squeeks.

Porcupine: A shy, simple porcupine. Soft-spoken and willing to help out.

Badger: A grumpy badger who cares for very little.

Squeeks: A simple caterpillar. The object of Dinky and Boomer's obsession.

Walt Disney Productions presents
The Fox and the Hound
based on a book by Daniel P. Mannix

Larry Clemmons
Ted Berman
David Michener
Peter Young
Burny Mattinson
Steve Hulett
Earl Kress
Vance Gerry

Creative assistant to the producers
Melvin Shaw

With the voice talents of
Mickey Rooney as Tod
Kurt Russell as Copper
Pearl Bailey as Big Mama
Jack Albertson as Amos Slade
Sandy Duncan as Vixey
Jeanette Nolan as Widow Tweed
Pat Buttram as Chief
John Fiedler as Porcupine
John McIntire as Badger
Dick Bakalyan as Dinky
Paul Winchell as Boomer
Keith Mitchell as Young Tod
Corey Feldman as Young Copper
And "Squeeks" the caterpillar

Supervising animators
Randy Cartwright
Cliff Nordberg
Frank Thomas
Glen Keane
Ron Clements
Ollie Johnston

Character animation
Ed Gombert
Dale Oliver
Ron Husband
David Block
Chris Buck
Hendel S. Butoy
Darnel Van Citters
John Musker
Jerry Rees
Dick N. Lucas
Jeffrey J. Varab
Chuck Harvey
Phil Nibbelink
Michael Cedeno
Phillip Young

Effects animators
Ted Kierscey
Jack Boyd
Don C. Paul

Coordinating animators
Walt Stanchfield
Leroy Cross
Dave Suding

Key assistants
Tom Ferriter
Sylvia Mattinson

Art director
Don Griffith

Dan Hansen
Sylvia Roemer
Michael Peraza Jr.
Glenn V. Vilppu
Guy Vasilovich
Joe Hale

Color styling
Jim Coleman

Background painting
Daniela Bielecka
Brian Sebern
Kathleen Swain


Production managers
Edward Hansen
Don A. Duckwall

Herb Taylor

James Melton
Jim Koford

Assistant directors
Don Hahn
Mark A. Hester
Terry L. Noss

Music editors
Evelyn Kennedy
Jack Wadsworth

copyright 1981
Walt Disney Productions
All rights reserved

"Best of Friends"
Richard Johnston
Stan Fidel
"Lack of Education"
"A Huntin' Man"
"Appreciate the Lady"
Music and lyrics
Jim Stafford
"Goodbye May Seem Forever"
Richard Rich
Jeffrey Patch

Musical score
Buddy Baker

Walter Sheets

Wolfgang Reitherman
Art Stevens

Executive producer
Ron Miller

Directed by
Art Stevens
Ted Berman
Richard Rich

[The camera opens on a misty forest]

[The camera slowly moves through the scenery]

Forest animals can be heard. Faint gunshots break the tranquility. They steadily increase in volume. The sounds of barking dogs follow.

[The camera fades into a shot of a small crest as the music picks up]

A vixen suddenly appears on the crest. She is carrying a pup in her mouth. She puts the pup down briefly as she looks around in fear. The barking continues. She then picks up the pup and breaks into a mad dash through the forest. Various scenes of her running follow.

[The camera floats ahead of the running vixen and moves across grasslands and a farm]

[The camera zooms in on a tree]

An owl appears from a hole in the tree, wondering what all the commotion is about. She steps out onto a branch and gazes out. The vixen appears beside a wooden fence. She stops to look around for a bit. She places the pup down beside the fence, giving it some affection. The owl watches as the vixen gets scared by more barking. The vixen runs out into more open grassland, leaving the pup behind. The vixen disappears behind a hill, and a loud gunshot is heard. A look of shock comes over the owl's face. A second shot is heard, and birds fly out of the grass. The owl shakes her head sadly then looks down at the fence. She spots the pup. It looks sad. She floats down to it. It tries to hide from her.

Big Mama: You poor little fella. It's all right. Big Mama's here.

She briefly looks out at the grasslands then turns back to the pup.

Big Mama: You know? You're gonna need some caring for. Now. . . now let's see darlin'.

The pup carefully approaches her. She paces around, thinking.

Big Mama: You need a. . .

She looks down. The pup has warmed up to her and is starting to cuddle her.

Big Mama (amused): Oh no. No no no. Not me. Not Big Mama now.

She looks up, thinking.

Big Mama: Now I'm thinkin' though.

The sounds of a woodpecker can be heard. Both Big Mama and the pup look towards the sound's direction.

Big Mama: Oh. Ah ha! Now don't. . . don't you move, honey. Big Mama's gonna be right back.

She flies off.

[The camera zooms in on a woodpecker and a sparrow in a tree]

The woodpecker is drilling into the tree.

Dinky: Good work, Boomer. We'll get him this time.

They both stare into the hole.

Dinky: Shh. I think he's in there.

Big Mama flies on scene.

Big Mama: Whew! Am I glad I found you boys. There's no time to lose. I need your help. Now come on. Come on!

Big Mama flies off screen.

Dinky: Let's go, Boomer. Come on.

Boomer: Yeah. But but but. . . Aw shucks.

They both fly off. A caterpillar appears at the hole and breathes a sigh of relief.

[The camera moves back to the fence]

They all perch on the fence and look down at the pup.

Boomer (sadly): Aw. Poor little guy.

[The camera takes a brief shot of the pup hiding in the grass]

Big Mama: Don't you worry now. We're gonna find someone to look after you.

Dinky (in thought): Hmm.

Dinky hops around, thinking. He looks at the nearby farm house.

Dinky: Hey! I think I got an idea.

They huddle around and talk. The pup looks up at them curiously. Finally, they break.

Dinky: Okay, Boomer. Now you know what to do.

Boomer (rapidly): Yeah. Leave it to me. Leave it to me.

Boomer flies up to the house. He perches on the doorknob and starts pecking at the door.

Widow (from inside): Who is it?

The door opens, smashing Boomer against a wall. An old woman appears.

Widow: Well. I was sure I heard someone knocking.

She gasps.

Widow (dismayed): Oh dear! My laundry!

[The camera moves to Big Mama and Dinky]

Big Mama and Dinky have picked up a piece of laundry. The widow chases after them.

Widow: Oh! Here! Stop it! Oh you pesky birds! Will you come here?!

They start carrying the laundry piece along as they fly.

Widow: Oh! Stop!

They drop the clothing on the fox pup.

Widow: Well! I wonder what got into those birds?

She reaches down and picks up her laundry. Upon spotting the fox, she gasps and drops the laundry. She reaches down and picks it up again, looking underneath.

Widow (tenderly): Well bless my soul! Why it's. . . it's a baby fox.

She looks at it adoringly.

Widow: Oh. Hello little fella.

She looks up briefly.

Widow: I wonder where its mother is?

She looks back down at the fox. She tries to grab it, but the fox becomes scared.

Widow: Come on now. I'm not gonna harm you.

The pup swipes at her hand but misses.

Widow: Now now. Oh isn't that. . .?!

She picks him up.

Widow: Oh my my. You're a fiesty little rascal. Aren't you?

She holds the pup close to her body.

Widow: There there. Now calm down. No, I just can't leave you out here all alone.

She carries the pup back to the house.

Widow (whispering): Isn't he darling?

[The camera fades to a close-up of the widow sitting]

The widow is feeding the pup a bottle of milk.

Widow (tenderly): Now not so fast. Now now. Not so fast.

She rocks the chair.

Widow: Oh my. You're such a little toddler. Say! That's what I'll call you. . . Tod. You know, Tod? I'm not going to be so lonesome anymore.

[The camera moves over to the window]

Big Mama, Dinky, and Boomer are watching the scene from outside. Suddenly, they hear a car backfire and look behind. A man driving an old car putters past in the farm next door.

[The camera moves in on an old dog sleeping in a barrel]

The dog wakes up. The man gets out of the car, and the dog stretches. The man pulls out a sack from the car.

Amos: I've got a surprise for you, Chief old boy.

The dog licks its mouth and barks excitedly.

Amos: Now now now. Take it easy.

The dog sniffs at the bag, which starts to move about and yelp. The man pulls out a puppy.

Amos: Well. How's this for a huntin' dog?

The older dog's excitement fades.

Amos: He's just a little runt now, but he'll grow.

Amos places the puppy on the ground. Chief sniffs the puppy, which gives him a lick on the nose. Chief makes a face and looks at Amos.

Amos: You may as well get used to him, Chief. He's for you to look after from now on.

Amos walks away. Chief, a little grumpy, heads for his barrel. The puppy heads in with him. Chief is startled and backs out. The puppy prances out playfully. Chief bowls the puppy over. He tries to go back to sleep, but the puppy walks underneath his head, falling asleep on one of his front paws. Chief looks around, a little embarrassed. He then places his head down beside the puppy. He half smiles then goes to sleep.

[The camera pulls away and fades to a shot of the widow milking her cow]

Tod runs up and starts playing with the cow's tail. The cow moos angrily.

Widow (amused): Tod. Stop pestering Abigail. Ha ha. (To Abigail) Abigail? You're going to have to be patient with Tod. He's one of the family now.

The cow moos. Suddenly, Tod starts barking eagerly.

Widow: Ha ha! Oh of course. Now I know.

The widow squirts some milk into Tod's mouth. He licks it up.

Widow: I declare I never will get my chores done.

Tod walks up to a nest with a mother hen sitting in it. He playfully reaches out to touch one of the chicks. The hen looks back and notices Tod. She grows alarmed and starts chasing Tod. The cow moos in alarm, and Widow Tweed is knocked off her stool.

Widow (alarmed): Oh! Mercy! Tod! Stop it! Abigail! Abigail!

The cow kicks the bucket of milk over.

Widow: Oh! Oh no, there goes my milk!

She stands up in anger.

Widow: Oh no!

Tod looks at her in guilt. The widow rushes over to the cow to try and calm her down.

Widow: Easy. Easy, Abigail. (Holding the cow's head) Steady, old girl. Steady.

Finally, the cow is calm.

Widow: There there.

She angrily looks back at Tod. Tod slinks to a corner.

Widow (angry): Tod! You come here! I said come here!

Reluctantly, Tod slowly crawls back to her. She picks him up and points to the spill.

Widow: Just look what you've done!

Tod looks at the spill and flinches guiltily. Then he smiles and starts licking her.

Widow (anger gone): Now. Don't try to butter me up.

She giggles.

Widow: Oh Tod. I just can't stay angry with you. You little imp.

She puts Tod down.

Widow: Now. Run along and play. Go on!

Tod scampers out of the barn.

Widow (from inside): And try to stay out of mischief!

Tod stops a short distance from the barn and looks around. Seeing nobody, he sighs sadly. Then he looks up and spots Dinky and Boomer flying overhead.

Tod: Hey! It's Dinky and Boomer. Maybe they wanna play.

He follows them.

[Camera change to a tree]

Dinky and Boomer fly on screen and land on a branch.

Dinky: Is this it, Boomer?

Boomer (enthusiastically): Oh sure, Dinky! This is the place! I never forget a tree. I never forget a tree. Hoo hoo hoo.

Dinky hops along the branch.

Dinky: He won't get away this time. Heh heh!

Dinky puts his ear against the tree.

Dinky: Hold it, Boomer! I think I hear somethin'.

Boomer: Oh that's him all right, Dinky. That's him all right.

Dinky: Shh shh. Get ready, Boomer. Hey! I can hear him movin'. Listen!

Boomer puts his ear up against the tree.

Boomer: Funny. I don't hear nothin'.

Dinky: Shh. Quiet!

Dinky gets pressed between the tree trunk and Boomer's chest as Boomer tries to listen. He tries to get Boomer off of him but fails. Finally, Boomer pulls away, dropping a stunned Dinky to the branch.

Boomer: Oh that's him all right, Dinky. Oh that's him all right.

Dinky flies up and snaps Boomer's beak shut.

Dinky: Button your beak! Will ya?!

Dinky flies back to the tree. He spots a hole.

Dinky: I'll check it out.

He looks inside and sees the caterpillar munching on some leaves.

Dinky: Will ya look at that?

Dinky looks back at Boomer.

Dinky: Okay, Boomer. He's right (points) there.

Boomer hammers into the tree.

Dinky: Yikes! Watch it!

Boomer gets his head stuck in the hole and yanks himself out. He has a piece of wood and the caterpillar around his beak. Squeeks looks over the wood and sees Boomer.

Squeeks: Aah!

Boomer: Why you. . .!

Squeeks tries to take shelter back in the hole as Boomer breaks the piece of wood binding his beak. Boomer tries to hammer into Squeeks, but he dodges.

Dinky: Nail him, Boomer! Sock it to him!

Tod prances up.

Tod: Hiya fellas! Whatcha doin'? Wanna play?

Dinky (to Tod): Stay out of this, kid. This don't concern you.

Boomer keeps drilling.

Dinky (to Boomer): Let him have it!

Boomer drills right to the other side of the tree. Squeeks hops on the opposite branch. He looks back, sees Boomer, and squirms away.

Dinky: Don't let the creep get away!

Boomer follows. They disappear into some leaves.

Dinky: You can take him, Boomer. Give him a left, a right. Let him have it!

Squeeks reaches the end of the branch and looks down to the ground far below.

Squeeks (terrified): Aah!

He disappears into a hole in the branch.

Boomer (ticked off): Which way did he go?!

Dinky: This way!

Dinky and Boomer both reach the end of the branch and look around. Squeeks slowly appears behind them. Dinky looks down and spots him.

Dinky: There he is!

Squeeks disappears again, and Boomer drills right through the branch. The branch falls away, and Boomer falls to the ground.

Tod: What happened to ya? Golly.

Boomer: Aw shucks! I think I bent my b-b-beak!

Dinky: Now see what you've done?! You've cost us our breakfast!

Dinky flies down to Boomer.

Boomer: I cost us our breakfast?! It was your fault!

Dinky: What're you talkin' my fault?!

Boomer: Oh yeah!

They continue arguing. Squeeks looks down from within the branch and breathes a sigh of relief.

Tod (disgusted): A worm? For breakfast? Yeck! Bleh.

Tod walks away from the arguing pair and spots a butterfly. He follows it playfully.

[The camera pans over to Chief and Copper, who are drinking from their bowl]

Copper looks up and starts sniffing the air.

Chief: Hey there, Copper. What ya sniffin' at?

Copper: Somethin' I never smelled before, Chief.

Chief: Hmm. Let me see.

Chief takes a long sniff in the air. He smiles.

Chief: Aw shucks. That's easy. The master's just cookin' grits and fatback. You oughta know that.

Copper: Uh uh. That's not what I smell. I don't know, Chief. It's something else.

Chief (amused): Heh heh! Sonny, you've got a lot of learnin' to do about a-sniffin' and a-smellin'.

Chief lies down inside his barrel. He sees Copper get up to leave.

Chief: Hey, where ya goin'?

Copper: I wanna find out what that smell is.

Chief (warning tone): Okay, Copper, but the master ain't gonna like you wandering off.

Copper (confident): I won't get lost, Chief. I can smell my way back.

Copper walks away.

Chief: Hmph. Can't tell these young whippersnappers anything.

[The camera moves back to Tod playing with the butterfly]

Tod chases the butterfly inside a hollow log and hops on top at the end. He spots Copper entering the log and moves to investigate. He stares down a small hole in the top then puts an ear to it to listen. A sniffing nose presses itself into his ear. He jumps and looks back inside. He then proceeds to the end of the log. He peers over and looks inside the log. He spots Copper sniffing the ground.

Tod: Whatcha smellin'?

Copper: I'm on the trail of somethin'.

Tod: Trail of what?

Copper: I don't know yet.

Copper continues sniffing until he reaches Tod. Copper sniffs at him.

Copper: Why it's you!

Copper let's out a howl. Tod jumps to the ground.

Tod: What do you do that for?

Copper: We're supposed to do that when we find what we've been trackin'.

Tod: I'm a fox! My name's Tod. What's your name, kid?

Copper: Mine's Copper! I'm a hound dog!

Tod: Gee. I bet you'd be good playing hide and seek. Wanna try it, Copper?

Copper: Can I use my nose?

Tod: Ha ha! Sure! Okay. Now go ahead and close your eyes and count.

Copper puts his head up against the log, closing his eyes.

Copper: 1. . . 2. . . 3. . .

Copper starts to look.

Tod (frowning): No, Copper! Ya can't peek!

Copper: Oh.

Tod: Now start again.

Copper starts counting again while Tod runs to a nearby tree stump, runs around it, then hops on.

[The camera pulls back to include Big Mama, who's sitting in a tree]

Big Mama: My my. Look at that. A fox and a hound. . . playing together!

"Best of Friends" starts playing. Copper stops counting and sniffs around the tree stump. He then looks up and finds Tod hiding on top. Tod happily runs off someplace else. He jumps onto a tree trunk, bounds to another, and hides in some bushes. Big Mama starts singing.

Big Mama: When you're the best of friends. . .

Copper starts sniffing around.

Big Mama: Having so much fun together. You're not even aware you're such a funny pair. You're the best of friends.

Copper reaches the tree, sniffs it, and looks confused.

Big Mama: Life's a happy game. You could clown around forever.

Copper then turns and starts sniffing some more.

Big Mama: Neither one of you sees your natural boundaries.

Tod sneaks up behind Copper. Copper looks behind and sees Tod. Both fall down laughing.

Big Mama: Life's one happy game!

Suddenly, Amos Slade calls out from the distance.

Amos: Copper!

Copper: Gee, I gotta go.

Copper heads over to Amos, who's looking quite mad.

Big Mama: If only the world wouldn't get in the way.

Amos points to the barrel, and Copper slinks inside.

Big Mama: If only the people would just let you play. They say you're both being fools.

Copper looks to Amos and Chief for approval. He just gets frowns.

Big Mama: You're breaking all the rules. They can't understand the magic of your wonderland.

The rooster crows in a new day on the farm.

Big Mama: When you're the best of friends. . .

Tod runs up to the fence.

Tod (calling): Copper!

Big Mama: Sharing all that you discover.

Copper peeks out from within the barrel and sees Tod.

Big Mama: When these moments have passed, will that friendship last? Who can say if there's a way?

Copper starts to walk over but is startled by Chief's loud snoring.

Big Mama: Oh I hope. . . I hope it never ends.

He looks over to Tod.

Tod (joyously): Come on, Copper!

Copper starts to sneak past Chief.

Big Mama: ‘Cause you're the best of friends.

He makes it and runs over to Tod. "Best of Friends" finishes playing. They then run off together and disappear in the distance.

[The camera fades into a shot of them playing together]

Tod: Copper? You're my very best friend.

Copper: And you're mine too, Tod.

Tod: And we'll always be friends forever. Won't we?

Copper: Yeah. Forever.

Tod pushes Copper off of him.

Tod: Hey! Let's go swimmin'!

Copper: Give me a head start, and I can beat ya!

Copper runs ahead of Tod. They both jump into a nearby lake. Big Mama watches them swim from a tree, nearly getting splashed on.

[The camera changes to a shot of Amos trying to look for Copper]

Amos: Dag nabit! That Copper pup's gone and strayed off again. Come on, Chief. If that little rascal's gonna make me a good huntin' dog, he's gotta learn to mind.

They walk off.

[The camera moves back to the lake]

Copper and Tod are splashing around. Suddenly, Copper hears a whistle. Amos appears over a small hill.

Amos: Copper! Get over here!

Amos whistles again. Copper and Tod continue playing.

Amos (louder): Copper!

Copper: Uh oh. I gotta go home.

Copper crawls out of the lake.

Tod: Do ya have to? We're having too much fun.

Copper shakes himself dry.

Copper: I gotta. He sounds awful mad.

Tod: I'll see ya tomorrow. And don't forget!

Copper runs home.

Copper: I won't!

[The camera fades to a shot of Copper, who is tied up to his barrel]

Copper sighs sadly. Tod appears from around a bush.

Tod: Hey Copper. What happened to ya? Why didn't you. . .? (Seeing the rope) Golly! You're all tied up!

Copper (sadly): Yeah. And it's no fun, neither. The master says I gotta stay home.

Tod: Well. We can play around here, then.

Tod starts to wrestle with Copper.

Copper: Oh no! Not with old Chief over there.

Tod peers around Copper and sees Chief snoring in his barrel.

Tod: Is that him making that awful noise?

Copper: He keeps me awake at night.

Tod starts to walk over to the barrel.

Copper: Oh don't go in there! He can get awful mean! He's cranky.

Tod (amazed): Gee willikers! Is he ever big!

Tod moves over to where Chief's head is.

Tod: His ears aren't as big as yours, Copper.

Copper (whispering): That's not the part you gotta worry about.

Tod pulls down Chief's lips.

Tod: Wow! Look at those teeth!

Copper: That's the part you gotta worry about!

Chief starts mumbling in his sleep.

Copper: He's wakin' up! Got out, Tod!

Tod (amused): No. He's having a dream. He's chasing somethin'.

Copper starts to shake in fear. He covers his eyes.

Chief: It's a big old badger.

Tod (laughing): Copper. He's chasing a badger.

Tod stifles a giggle.

Chief: No. It ain't a badger. It's a. . . it's a. . .

Chief presses his nose up against Tod, pinning him to the side of the barrel. Chief wakes up.

Chief: It's a fox. A fox!

Chief starts barking and aggressively tries to get at Tod. Copper hides in his barrel. Tod hops out of Chief's barrel and runs. Chief tries to give chase but is stopped by the rope attached to his barrel. He pulls hard and drags the barrel along.

Copper: Run, Tod! Run!

Chief chases Tod into a chicken house. He sticks his head inside. A flock of chickens pour out, with Tod running right behind. Amos Slade opens up a window and looks out. He sees the commotion and opens his mouth in dismay. Chief chases Tod around, scooping the chickens up in his barrel. Amos comes out of the house, carrying a shotgun. He fires. Tod runs the other way. He sees Chief and runs back the original way. He runs under Amos. Amos keeps on firing but keeps on missing. He's then knocked off his feet by Chief. A shot strays upward. It nearly hits Dinky and Boomer, who are sitting in a tree. They take off and hide in a mailbox. Tod bounds off a tree. Chief tries to keep on him, but his barrel's rope wraps around the tree. Chief is pulled off his feet. Tod climbs into the mailbox. Amos aims and fires at the mailbox, making a big hole in it. Everybody scrambles out. Tod bounds over a small stream. Chief chases, but his barrel catches on the water, and he is yanked back again. Tod stops and pants. He suddenly hears the sound of a car starting. He looks and sees the widow in her car. Chief snarls and stumbles toward Tod. Tod takes off for the car but just misses it. He chases after it. Amos hops in his car and gives chase. Tod hops on a stone wall alongside the road and manages to catch up to the widow. He jumps as a shot barely misses him. The widow looks and sees Tod.

Widow (shocked): Tod!

She looks behind. Amos is still firing. Tod hops in the back of the car, where the widow is storing her milk containers. Amos takes aim and fires, putting holes in all the containers. Widow Tweed tries to maintain control of the car. Suddenly, she slams on the brakes, apparently fed up. She gets out and stands in the middle of the road, looking extremely angry. Amos stomps on the brakes, stopping just in front of her.

Widow (angry): Amos Slade, you trigger-happy lunatic! (Louder) Give me that gun!

She snatches the gun away from him and cocks it. Amos Slade covers his eyes. A shot is heard, followed by a hissing noise. Amos looks.

Amos: My radiator! Why you blasted female!

He gets out of his car.

Amos: I'll. . . I'll. . .

She jabs the gun in his chest.

Widow: Hold it! Right there!

Amos (concerned): Watch it! That thing's loaded!

She points the gun to the sky and shoots. Tod looks very frightened.

Widow: Now it ain't loaded!

She throws the gun back to Amos.

Amos: Dag nabit, woman! You're favorite fox was after my chickens!

Widow: Rubbish and poppycock! I don't believe it! He wouldn't hurt a thing!

Amos: You callin' me a liar, you muddle-headed female?! I saw it happen!

Widow (preachy): Amos Slade, that temper of yours is gonna get you into a lot of trouble someday!

Amos (even angrier): Temper! Temper! Woman, you ain't seen my temper!

He takes off his hat, throws it on the ground, and stomps on it.

Amos: If I ever catch that fox on my property again, I'll blast him! And next time I won't miss!

[The camera fades to a shot of a partially open window]

Tod is looking out, seeming rather sad. The widow is cooking something on the stove.

Widow (sadly): Poor little tyke. It's a shame I have to keep him cooped up.

Tod walks over to the door and scratches at it. He then looks at the widow sadly.

Widow: Tod, stop looking at me like that. It's not my fault, you know. You caused a lot of trouble yesterday.

Tod hears the sound of a dog barking. He scrambles up a chair and looks back out the window.

Widow: Oh, now what are they up to?!

She heads over to the window.

Widow: Huh! Why it looks like Amos is goin' on a huntin' trip.

She sees Amos loading up things onto his car.

Widow: A long one from the looks of it. Hmph. Well good riddance.

She heads back to her stove. Tod stays and continues to stare out the window, a look of sadness coming to his face. He glances back at Widow Tweed. She's busy at her stove. Tod secretly squeezes his body through the window.

[The camera moves over to Amos, who's trying to get his car started]

Amos: Dog gone meddlin' female! Shootin' up my radiator!

The car backfires.

Amos: Dad blame it! (Kicks the car) Get goin'!

The car motors smoothly.

Amos: Well. That's more like it. Keep runnin' old girl.

He heads over to Copper, who is tied up to his barrel and howling anxiously.

Amos: Well, Copper. Me and old Chief are gonna teach you all about huntin'. Yes sir. And it's about time, too.

Copper: Woof!

Amos: That-a boy! Heh heh!

He unties Copper.

Amos: You're really gonna like trackin' down those varmints for me.

Copper barks and runs around excitedly. He then heads over to the car and hops in the front seat.

Chief: Uh uh! Get in the back, half pint. You gotta earn your right to sit up front.

Copper stops and thinks. Then he excitedly hops in the back. Amos comes along, carrying his gun.

Amos: Well boys. We're gettin' outta here ‘til next spring.

Tod appears from around a barrel and watches the car leave. As the car pulls out onto the road, Copper looks back. Seeing Tod there, he lets out a long, sad howl. The car disappears into the distance. Big Mama suddenly floats down and lands next to Tod.

Big Mama: Tod. Honey? What are you doin' over here?

Tod (sadly): Gee. I just wanted to say goodbye to Copper. But I'm too late.

Big Mama: Well what did you plan to do if you ran into old Chief?

Tod frowns.

Tod (confident): Aw Chief. I can outfox that dumb old dog any time.

Big Mama rolls her eyes.

Big Mama (preachy): Tod! Now hold it just one minute! Didn't you learn anything yesterday? Now you listen good, Tod. Because it's either education or elimination!

Tod looks at her in a confused manner as "Lack of Education" begins playing.

Big Mama: Now if you're so foxy and old Chief's so dumb, then why does the hound get the fox on the run? Because he's got the hunter, and the hunter's got the gun. Kablam! Elimination. Lack of Education.

Big Mama flies up and lands on a fence.

Big Mama: If you pal around with that Copper hound, you'll wind up hangin' on the wall. Keep your nose to the wind, and you'll keep your skin. ‘Cause you won't be home when the hunter comes to call!

Tod: Oh Big Mama. I know Copper would never track me down. Why old Copper, he's my best friend!

Big Mama: Ho ho! You're best friend! Now Copper's gonna do what he's been told. Suppose to chase a little fox into an old foxhole. Then along comes a hunter with a buckshot load. . .

Boomer, sitting up in a tree, imitates carrying a gun.

Boomer: Ka-ka-kablam!

Dinky acts out being shot.

Big Mama: Elimination!

Dinky falls to the ground.

Dinky: Lack of Education.

"Lack of Education" stops playing.

Big Mama: You'd better believe it, Tod. Yes sirree.

Tod: You mean Copper's gonna be my enemy?!

Dinky gets up.

Dinky: Hey kid! You'd better step over here and take a good look.

Dinky and Boomer fly over to some kind of shed and push it open. Inside are many different kinds of fur skins. A look of horror forms on Tod's face.

Tod: W. . . why that's awful! Those poor things.

Tod's horror turns to sadness.

Big Mama (a little guilty): I'm sorry, Tod.

She hugs him.

Big Mama: Honey. Copper's gonna come back a trained huntin' dog. A real killer.

Tod looks up at Big Mama.

Tod: Oh no. Not my friend Copper. He won't ever change.

Big Mama: I hope you're right, Tod.

Tod: And we'll keep on being friends forever. Won't we, Big Mama?

She puts him down.

Big Mama: Darlin'. Forever is a long, long time. And time has a way of changin' things.

Tod looks back at the barrels. The leaves start to fall.

[The camera moves around the farm]

The season slowly changes to hard winter.

[The camera moves in on a patch of snow]

Squeeks slowly crawls out of the snow. A cold wind blows, and he starts to shiver. He then looks over and spots the widow's house. He crawls in its direction.

[The camera moves over to a makeshift scarecrow]

Dinky and Boomer are inside the scarecrow's coat, freezing.

Dinky: Jiminy. It sure turned cold!

Boomer: I'm freezin' my b-b-b. . .

Dinky: Hey! It's that fuzzy worm!

Dinky points.

Dinky: Let's get him. Charge!

Squeeks sees them coming.

Squeeks: Aah!

Squeeks tries to dive into a snow bank but hits his head on something. He dives in again and succeeds. Dinky and Boomer dive in after him.

Boomer (from inside the snow): Hey Dinky! Dinky quick! Over here!

Boomer lifts his head out of the snow. Something is in his beak.

Boomer: I got him! I got him!

He pulls out something wrapped in snow. The snow falls away. It's Dinky.

Dinky: Do I look like worm? (Points) That's who we're after!

Squeeks crawls up the door and disappears into the keyhole.

Dinky: Come on!

They fly up to the keyhole and perch on a shovel. Dinky peers inside. Squeeks is warming himself by the stove.

Dinky: Look at that little creep. Warm and cozy by the fire.

Boomer: Let me take a look!

Boomer looks into the keyhole.

Boomer: Now how do you like that g-g-guy?! Snug as a bug!

Squeeks pulls a sock over his body and lies down in a plant pot.

Boomer: While we're out here freezin' our b-b-beaks off!

Dinky: Brr. Well yakin' and shiverin' ain't gettin' us anywhere. We'll get that no good worm when we come back!

Dinky takes off.

Boomer: Ooh sh-sh-shucks!

Boomer flies off too. They fly over to Big Mama's tree.

Dinky: So long, Big Mama.

Boomer: Yeah. We're goin' south for the winter.

Big Mama: Goodbye boys! See you next spring!

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