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***This song is entitled "Reverse Psychology".***

The Ravens Personal Loft

This page just contains info on me.

Well where to start? I suppose i could tell you that I am a first year Uni student. I study here at , and am studing for an Arts Degree in Anthropology. J.C.U. is an o.k. university, but I don't know what else to say for it, well, wait I could say that there is bad security, bad grounds cleanliness, bad p.c. labs, there are several people running campaings against it..A place in turmoil. Before I came to study here at J.C.U. , I had a study stint at another University, that being Central Queensland Universuty. C.Q.U. is a young growing University in Rockhampton...(East coast of Aus.) It's a nice University to attend and I enjoyed my time there. The reason I'm not there is that they unfortunatly didn't off the Subject that I wanted to enrol in, so I had to travel abroad. Why was I there? Well I had to find some way that a University would accept me, so I did a mature aged bridging program there called "S.T.E.P.S", it was extremely helpful and benificial, and I recommend it to anyone, though the only problem is that this course is a one of a kind, though I believe that there should be more like it offered elsewhere around Australia.

Well as you can see I love poetry, and I love plays, and I love music. And all three of these have inspired me. Though I do have favorities. I love the romanticism of Shakespeare, and have read much of his writings. I have even seen a movie take off of "Romio and Juliet" called, "Tromio and Juliet". I think that all would probbably find it interesting, I did. I alos love the darkness that enshrouds the writings of Poe (not that all his works are written this way, though most of his best stuff is...) Another key influence to my poetry etc. is the masterful Nick Cave. His Music is unbelievable and has so much feeling and emotion in it. I myself started composing poetry and songs not too long ago, about july of 1998, so I am coming up on a year of writing poetry now. I wouldn't say my stuff is exceptional, but to me it is, there is a lot of emotion and feeling in my poetry, and much of it is written with key people or things in mind, and if you know me well enough you s hould be able to recognize this. I want to get as much of my poetry out as possible and have started taken efforts to get it published in some form, though as to how successful i am is to be decided by the fates. Oh well.

Well I suppose I should add a bit in here some where about me. Well not much to tell really i am 20 years old, I live in townsville where I study at the local University. I have no pets, I share house with two others, I eat, I sleep, and when time and energy allows I study. I also have two children in Rockhampton that I love dearly, though i don't get to see see them all that often due to the distance between us. Below are some pictures and some info about my family.

This is a picture of my little family. Though you could say that I'm not really a part because they are so far away, but, if you do say that well, SCREW you. I love them all greatly, and Belinda (The woman in the picture with the red hair, she is the mother and provider.)is one of the most wonderful people that I know now, and may ever know. My two children's names are Feanor Alec, and, Chloe Rose. Though I will tell you a bit more about them later.
This is a picture of my son Feanor Alec (31/7/97), he is nearly 2 years old, and is 15 months older than his little sister. He is a rough lad, but, I am told that he is always good, therefore rough + good = fun, and thats what he is. Although, I think at times he give his mother a bit of trouble.
This a picture of my little angel, Chloe Rose (08/11/98), she is a beautiful baby and will grow up to make mens' hearts break and melt, though if they do the same to her they shall have to endure MY wrath. Though I suppose I have plenty of years yet to train her in the arts of avoiding those type of men. Rule One:- if she is happy in her life, so am I.
This is a photo of my two lovely children together. Don't they look so sweet? (Well I think they do, say otherwise and I will be quite upset.) Already Feanor has taken up the older, protective brother type role. ( This makes me quite happy)
This last photo is of my mother, Kathy, and Feanor. Mum will probably kill me when she finds out that I put up a photo of her on the internet, but oh well.

So there you have it, a bit about me and my family. I hope you enjoyed this little trip into my personal life. And I have to appologise to all because these photo's are so bad, they are my first attempt, and I will be updating these with better ones at a later date.

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