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South Wythenshawe High School
School History

Moss Nook Secondary School (1957-198?)
(from 1967... South Wythenshawe High School(lower) )
Article taken from The Evening Chronicle,16 July 1957
Moss Nook County Secondary School, Wythenshawe, Manchester , which cost about 145,000, was officially opened today by Mrs Dorothy Pigott, a member of Manchester education comittee.
The school for 450 pupils, is planned so that the gymnasium and workshops are remote from the classrooms.
From the assembly hall and staff room are extensive views across the playing fields to Big Wood.


Brownley Green Secondary School(1937-2001)
(from 1967.... South Wythenshawe High School(upper) )
(from 1981.....South Manchester High School)
Research ongoing for both schools.

note: ..Research for the two schools is very hard going (i should have known better trying to do a site on schools that no longer exist) all i've found is faded newpaper clippings, its early days yet though, but if anyone has any ideas where i can find archive material please let me know.
I'm sure ex teachers must have a mountain of material( hint hint)... the site with anything you have.
Please note..i have tried all the librarys.

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