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Germany is one of the bigger countries in Europe and our German experience was limited to a couple of visits to Munich and other places in Bavaria. Incidentally, Munich is the capital of Bavaria which is one of the largest states of Germany. Munich is written as Munchen.

Munich is a beautiful and neat city. It is very easy to explore the city by foot. Most of the city's sights are within a pedestrian only zone, which means you do not have to keep looking around you for motorists, rather you can relax and enjoy the sights ! The main shopping centre of Munich is also around here. Places to see are the Mareinplatz famed for it neo-Gothic Neues Rathaus (New Town Hall), Cathedral (Onion Dome church) in FrauenPlatz, Church of St.Peter, Nymphenburg Palace and Gardens, Residenz Museum, Munich Palace. We missed seeing the Olympia Park famous for the happenings of the 1972 Olympics and the BMW museum.

I was quite amazed by the warmth and friendliness of the Germans. So many have warned me in the past about how rude Germans are and things like that and I never found even a trace of that in Munich. They spoke excellent English too and the policemen were polite and friendly whenever we approached them for something ! The Munich subway system is well organised and very easy to follow and navigate through.

Check out some pictures of Munich here.

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