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Threads is a docudrama, produced by the BBC in 1984. It tells the story of the effects a global nuclear war would have on the UK. It opens in Sheffield, and tells the story of a growing conflict between the east and the west, through the eyes of two families. It takes us through the tension prior to the attack, the attack itself and the aftermath of a full scale strike on the country.

First shown on 23rd September 1984, it caused a mass panic. People who had watched the film were frightened to the point of hysteria, and soon people were building their very own fallout shelters. A year later the film was shown again, on 1st August 1985, to commemorate forty years since the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Since then it has never been re-shown on British television, and yet, 17 years after it was made, the film still attracts an audience. Threads is shown by many British schools, and is run on satellite channels in the USA and Australia.

After almost 20 years the film hasn't lost any of its original impact, despite becoming slightly dated in the special effects department. In 1984 nuclear was a huge threat to mankind, with it being possible at literally any moment; now however the threat has been considerably reduced. Nuclear weapons still do threaten us however.

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