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T.C. McMullen first pleased her fans in 2002 with the surprisingly "clean" yet suspenseful psychological thriller, Whispers of Insanity. It focused on the characters more than blood or gore. Gone Before Dawn, inspired by her local area, thrilled even more readers, but it was The Manipulated Evil Trilogy with the intricate plot and her strong female warrior Ravyn that gained attention from readers from Washington to Maine, Pennsylvania to Idaho and even across the globe to the UK and Australia. 

Since then, T.C. has written more novels, all with tales full of deep characters. Despite being an independent author, her work is anything but half-rate. A perfectionist at heart, she has studied the craft of writing as well as art since she graduated high school in 1990. 


She enjoys research into the myths of ancient cultures and draws much of her inspiration from the stories. Not usually a fan of fantasy because she prefers faster paced stories than most fantasy, she nevertheless found herself pulled into the realm of the genre with her own work. Although she has written about dragons and other familiar mythical creatures, she always strives to add a unique twist either to the character or to the race or setting.

Her hobbies center around her profession of writing and art, but also include gardening, hiking, and being with her family. She prefers rock music, action movies, and anything that stirs the soul or excites the imagination. 

A mother of three girls and married to her high school sweetheart, she lives in the wondrous rural Pennsylvania mountains where the views are beautiful all year around.

She works full time as CEO of Star Publish LLC, helps other authors as much as she can, and continues to study to improve her writing and artwork.



  • Published author of Revenge of the Gods: Disillusionment Book Two and Starlight and Judgment: Disillusionment Book Three (2010)
  • Published author of Daughter of Gods: Disillusionment Book One and author of Among the Ancients (2009)
  • Published author of Rise of the Arcadians (2008)
  • Stepped into leadership at Star Publish January of 2008 and currently heads the company
  • Instructor at Long Story Short School of Writing from late 2005 till present 
  • Illustrator for Global Authors Publications 
  • Editor-in-Chief and designer at Silver Moon Magazine in 2006 until ezine dissolved
  • Senior Editor of Crimson Dagger Magazine from November 2004 to March 2005 when ezine dissolved 
  • Employed by Jada Press and Star Publish Spring 2004 to 2008 
  • Published author of  The Manipulated Evil Trilogy (2004-2005) 
  • Awarded July 2003 NUW Award of excellence from the Not the Usual Way writing group 
  • Published author of Gone Before Dawn (2003) 
  • Head artistic designer of Global Authors Publications from April 2003 to February 2004 (when she went freelance with her designing and editing services)
  • Senior editor of Global Authors Publications from January 2003 to February 2004 
  • Published author of Whispers of Insanity (2002) 
  • Received diploma from Long Ridge Writers Group for completing the Breaking Into Print  writing course in 1995.