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The Web Pirate

How Do You Help

     There are several steps in the process of designing your pages. These are the ones that help me the most in designing your site. They also get you a small discount off of the cost of my services. The prices on my price list are for sites where I do all the work.

If you want to help in designing your site these are the first steps. 

  • You will help by first finding a page laid out, and set up like you want yours.

  • You'll find the images you want on that page, the ones are probably copyrighted and not available for you to use.

    • All materials must come from you, or I making them, or public domain, or a source that has given approval for you to have it on your site.

  • You need to find a host server for your home page or you can decide to use on of the many free hosting sites available.

  • Then fill out and send me the Email Form Application below with all the questions answered asking for my help.

  • You need to write descriptive statement about the site that is about 20 words long.

  • You'll then use that statement to start an introduction page for your site with a text of at least 100 words.

  • You'll then need to make a list of about 5 to 10 keywords that apply to your site that are in that text.

    • The last three steps are important because they are how you will be listed with the search engines. If there is content change on the pages, like a business site, that information may need to be done for each page of the site.


     All materials should be sent after we've agreed on a price. I will not be responsible for anything sent before the price has been agreed on. The order of the steps above is a general outline, please read the Email Form Application also before starting.


     I have a collection of free backgrounds, buttons, lines, images and places to get more. I can create animated gifs and any other image or graphic you need to have. I can also tell you where to get a lot of other free web goodies.

Payment & Satisfaction

     All of my work will be viewable before you pay me. The pages will be setup for a viewing on line. Payment will be by money order via snail mail to the address I'll give you when I tell you where to view your page (you see it, approve it, then pay me, and then we install it on your site). The price you pay is for my work, time, and images I make for you. Not other people's stuff.

If you are interested in my services click on this Email Form Application link.

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Home Page Some FAQ's My Work Free Tutorial Free Stuff Free Graphics My Prices My Logos Email Me