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The Web Pirate

Your Home for Site Design & Graphics FAQ's

     To the question of "Why do you do this?"

  •      I must say I enjoy helping other people as much the work. A lot of people go their whole life trying to find work that they enjoy. For myself this job started as fun, and is turning into an enjoyable career. I fully hope to be doing this full time by the end of the year 2001.

     To the question of "How did I get started?"

  •      I started by making a page as a present for my daughter when she was nine years old. Then I started making pages as a hobby. Next thing I knew, I was running the web site for the club I was in. Friends started asking me for help with their sites and a couple of their small businesses sites. Since I started I have posted over 450 pages, 350 pictures, 100 mpg's and at least 1,000 graphics of various types online. This is still a hobby job, but as I said above it is going places.

     To the question of "Why don't you use a lot of fancy stuff like Flash or Shockwave?"

  •      If you really want those things I can design them for your site, but first, I want you to think about what you do when using a dialup modem and you come across those pages. If you're like 80% of the people online you click to another page as quickly as possible and never return to that site. As a business or non-profit group you need people to stay on your site. The current attention grabbing time of a customer is now figured to be 8 seconds before you loose them. If your site loads quickly you might stand a chance of gaining that customer, if they are waiting for some fancy gimmick to download you may loose them.

     To the question of "How can I lower the cost of having you design my site?"

  •      Check the information on this page.

     To the question of "Why are you giving graphics, tutorial links, and links to free stuff away?"

  •      That is easy to answer. The graphics show you some of the work I do. The tutorials give you an idea of what it takes to design and build a page. The links to free stuff you could find if you looked; besides I don't want you to pay for anything you don't have to. The last and most important reason is I may give you something that starts a train of thought, turning you into the next Bill Gates. If that happens I sure would like a high paying job.

     Remember life is a wheel and what goes around comes around. If you have any questions email me.

The Web Pirate, KC Crane

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Home Page Some FAQ's My Work Free Tutorial Free Stuff Free Graphics My Prices My Logos Email Me