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Snots and Grots and der Wagons



Snotlings are purchaced by the Wound and cost only 1 toof per
wound of snotlings. In order to use Snotlings in your Mob you
must have a Slaver, a slaver can never control more wounds of
Snotlings than his Ld. If you ever come to possess more Snots
than your Slaver's Ld then the excess are dealt with, this is
usually in the form of a wet squeak. Snotlings never earn
experience, however at the end of each game, roll a d6 for each
wound, each 6 you roll means the Snotlings have reproduced in
some disgusting way. Add an additional wound of snotlings to your Mob's roster.

You may split up your snotlings over as many bases as you want,
and bases of snotlings may merge and split as desired throughout
the game, however snotlings never earn the "gang up" bonuses
with other snotlings, simply combine the number of snotling
wounds to figure the stats. For Boarding purposes, you may
never have more than a single Base of Snots on an enemy
vehicle regardless of the number of wounds. A Slaver must be
nearby in order to get any useful effect out of your Snots, any
Snotling bases more than 12 inches from a friendly Slaver suffer
from Stupidity (GM p49). If a Slaver is Down or Out of Action, he
may not control the Snots. Snotlings are never Pinned, and any
wound suffered is lost from the base, no Down or Out roll is
made. After the game, roll for each wound lost:

1-3 Dead
4-6 Full Recovery.

Orks only gain +1 experience for wounding Snots instead of the
usual +5 cause they ain't all that tough anyway. Snotlings may
work in the mine, three wounds of Snots counts as a single
person for the 10 worker max. For each wound of Snots working
the mine roll a d6 on a 1-3 the Snot has gathered 1 toof worth of
scrap, on a 4-6 they were goofing off and got nothing. Snots can
never be captured by another mob by any method, they are
usually thrown away as they are too difficult to retrain by a new
Slaver. For figguring income every three wounds counts as an
additional model, rounding down.

Stats would be thus:

Snots 4 1 per 2 wounds 0 1 1 1 per W 3 1 per W 4


10 Teef

The Snotling Pump Wagon (SPW) Is usually something put
together by the Mobs Spanners as a lark, or maybe to get the
slaver off his back, either way it tends to be a ramshackle affair,
a small self powered hut on wheels with a large spikey roler
slapped on the front. You may place as many wounds of
Snotlings on the SPW as you desire. For every wound aboard
the SPW has a base move of 1, and a thrust' move of an
additional d6. Eg. A SPW with 4 wounds of Snots aboard would
have a base move of 4 plus be entitled to four additional d6inch
moves, you must use the full movement rolled.

STEERING: The SPW is difficult to control and therefore even
attempts to turn in its base move require a LD check, if there is a
slaver nearby the Snots may use his Ld, however even a Slaver
has his pride, and would not be caught dead riding on a SPW,
but he could keep pace on a bike (or even on foot sometimes).
Instead taking their base move the Snots may do what is known
as the 'pickeruperer' this involves all the snotlings getting out of
the SPW and physically picking it up to turn it in any direction
desired, they then all reboard and may then use their D6moves,
Snots never use slow speed maneucers.

Snotlings aboard a SPW do not suffer from STUPIDITY, they are
having too much fun! The SPW never counts as having used
thrusters for any purpose (boarding, shooting). The SPW counts
as a buggy for all ramming purposes. The SPW counts as being
Spikey but may never be fitted with additional gubbins, and
anyone bringing a SPW to Mekboy to be Kustomized would be
laughed out of Mektown, however a SPW is easy to fix up and
therefore never suffers permanant damage, nor does it count
towards the maximum number of vehicles a Spanner can


1-2 Crew
3-6 Wagon

Crew--Armour: 5

Crew Damage Table

1 Stray shot- The Snots dive to one side to dodge the shot,
causing the SPW to swerve.

2-3 Blast- A helpless Snotling is blown clear of the Wagon.
Deduct one wound from the wagon and place it d3 in away in a
random direction suffering a S3 hit on a d6 roll of 4+

4-6 The Snot is hit by the weapon as normal or takes a S3 hit
from a ram, swipe, rake, or crash Wagon--Armour 6

Pump Wagon Damage Table

1 Spikey Roler hit, vehicle is no longer spikey, and it swerves.
Any further hits here reduces base move by 1.

2-3 Knocked over, Lay the SPW on its side, the Snots must
spend their entire next turn tipping it back over, turn it any
direction desired.

4-5 Pump arm Snapped, reduce base move by half, and d6
moves are now d3, Wagon swerves. A second hit here imobilizes
the SPW.

6 Blown appart, the shoddily constructed wagon falls to pieces
around the dissapointed Snots ears! The Snots are all thrown
d6in away and each Wound suffers a S3 hit on a d6 roll of 4+

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