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T. Charts and Graphs
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After you read the question and know what is being asked, you will be able to get the information from the chart or graph.

To understand statistics and data (facts and figures) you have to understand how to read a chart, table, bar graph, line graph or pie graph. With this information you can make informed choices.

First check the title so you know what the whole chart or graph is about. Then see what is being compared. The labels on the rows or columns of a table and the labels of the up and down (vertical) or flat (horizontal) axis of a graph show the variables.


One way to organize a collection of facts is to make a table. Then this data can be used to make a decision or answer a question.


Each block on this table is called a cell. The horizontal rows of cells represent departure times. The vertical columns represent the various stations the bus stops at. These are the variables.

You are at May-Green. If you wish to arrive at Center Square by noon, you must take the bus which arrives at 11:58. The time at which the bus leaves May-Green is 11:17. The variables, in this instance, intersect (meet) at the cell which says 11:17.


Circle Graph or Pie Graph

Circle or Pie Graphs are circle charts used to show percentage or fractions of the whole.

This doesn't tell you how much money was spent on food but you do know that 33% or about 1/3 of the Milton's family income was spent on food.


Bar Graph

Bar Graphs are used to compare the value of related things.

The percentage of attendance at school is related to the grade the six students got in science. Chuck had the best attendance and the best grades.


Line Graph

Line graphs present information visually with data connected by a rising or falling line. The line shows changes or trends usually over time.

The boys and girls each played a 20 game season.

You can see that the girls basketball team won more games than the boys team in 1989.

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