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This is a flat map of the world. If you were to print and roll this page into a collar, the outside edges of the Pacific Ocean would meet. As Columbus said the world is indeed round.

The United States and Canada lie on the continent of North America. Both North America and the continent of South America lie within the Western Hemisphere. North America also lies within the Northern Hemisphere because it is above the Equator.

Besides the 48 states which are within the United States mainland, there are two others. Alaska is the forty ninth state and Hawaii the fiftieth.

Flat Map of the World
Flat Map of the World



On the map of the United States below, the shaded area is the State of Ohio, showing Columbus as the capital. Washington, D.C. is the capital of the United States.

You may be asked to measure distances between cities by using a little scale printed on the map. By using it you can figure out the approximate (rough) distance between one point and another.

If you look at the directional symbol (compass rose) below the map showing north, south, east and west, you will see that Cleveland is north of Columbus and west of Washington, D.C.

Map of the United States
Map of the United States


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