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A Study Guide for the Ohio Ninth-Grade Citizenship Proficiency Test


The Little Book citizenship guide has been placed on the Internet so that students throughout Ohio may use it as a tool to prepare for the Ninth Grade Citizenship Proficiency Test. The main difference between the paperback version of The Little Book and this computerized version is that links interconnect the subject, glossary, and related words pages. For example, when students click an underlined vocabulary word, they will automatically see the word's definition in the Glossary. When they click the Related Words icon, they will automatically see a list of words related to the topic they are studying.

The Little Book On Line also has links to other websites on the Internet. The links are not intended to distract students from learning the essentials that are covered in The Little Book. After all, The Little Book is useful because it is concise and gives students the information they need for success on the citizenship proficiency test. However, once students have mastered the basics, they may enjoy exploring the topics further at other sites on the World Wide Web.

The Little Book On Line may be used on computers (even if they are not connected to the Internet) or the pages may be printed out as follows:

On Computers Connected to the Internet
If students use The Little Book on a computer that is connected to the Internet, they may visit the links listed at the end of each section. The links lead to other websites that have more information about the topics covered in The Little Book.
On Computers that are Not Connected to the Internet
The Little Book may be downloaded and used on computers that are off-line or on computers that have no Internet connection. Although students will not be able to visit the links to other websites, all of the links within The Little Book will be fully functional. Using The Little Book on a computer will enable students to take advantage of the features that automatically interconnect the pages. Click here to download The Little Book.
Printing the Webpages
The Little Book webpages may be printed. To print each page, choose the Print option from your web browser's File menu. Students may study printed copies of The Little Book anytime and anywhere!

Whichever method you choose, you should follow these steps to get the most out of The Little Book.

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