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MY FRIENDS PICS | FUNNY things | Funny Things Part 2 | Shout outs

this is Cam my buddy and stephs ex

Below is The Travis.we call him Nigga Trav cuz he looks black, he is Cassidys brother and he is like an older brother to me. 4-ev Trav!


This is Evan, Cassidy and Cody. This pic is also from NS. Evan is really hot and Cody is supa cute.


This is Steph, Shes wacky and weird but I love her, shes one ma best gurls. Her and me 4ev nothin will ever change that. I know it looks like she sucking invisiable dick but shes not sorry guyz. i know she sexy but 2 bad,Becuase shes dating the good looking Jesse, who is good friends with my boi, Jordan and friends with Cody.YaY.


This is the sweet and sexy David. LoL. You and O'neil for ever hun. Can't wait for the first. lol. Your such a cutie.


This is a picture of the cutie Rasheed(not his real name but we wont talk about that) well hes so cute.Watch out guyz he be good!


This is Alex, He's so awesome, he's such a great friend. Lov ya


This is Luc and Alex. Luc is in da blue shirt and Alex is in da white beater. Alex and luc are best friends and alex thinks he loves me. Thats the whole story on that lat peeps.


hey peeps this is a pic of Jos from penitiction. Hes so cute and the little pic is from school. Hes such a cutie!


This pic is of the dave. hes so cute. this is well they were in penitiction. They had a blast wiht the moon shine man.Lol.lov ya


This are the cuties Joshie and Dave. Awww .. David is the pic in the middle with his eyes closed. Joshie is the 2 outside pics, they are both so cute. LoL


this pic is of a bunch of friendz. Its gonna go left to right, top to bottom. Joshie, playin ball ain't he cute?.Sam being sleek and sexy by da window. Nadia, my italian gurlie, shes being mysterious but sexy. LOL. This is sam and Joanna jsut havin some fun. Then there dave in da white being a silly little boy like alwayz. and jordan , acting like hes smart.There Joanna, I think shes trying to hard to look like Dave, lol. and then theres me and Joanna we are wearing almsot matching hats. I have a side view of me I'm on the left.


This is a pic of steve and Joel. They are breakin it up, LoL, ya know what i mean. Joel is in the blue shirt and steve is in the white. LoL they are both really cute.


This is a pic of my little brother, Ryan. Hes so funny, hes been pimpin' da ladies. LoL. Tha lil playa. And ya hes only 11.


This is a pic of Steve and Joel.they are breakin in this pic. Steve is in white and joel in the blue, cha know. Well ya they look so cute. They are really good breakers but this is a pic so it looks kinda dumb.

This is a pic of just Steve, Hes really good lookin and I'm not sure if hes taken or single. Ya so hes cute and ya hes goofy. Oh well what cha gonna do i guess.