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Three girls, Hikaru Chidou, Umi Ryuuzaki, and Fuu Hououji, coming from different school (look...their uniforms are different...^_^) and different walks of life are summoned to the magical land of Cefiro by the guardian of the land, Princess Emeraude (you can't miss her...she's the one with the loooooooong blonde hair, green jewels and crying eyes *sniffle*) who has to pray all the time to keep her land safe...but she can't do that because she's been captured by the High Cleric Zagato (I probably spelt that name wrong... ^_^ gomen!) They get to Cefiro, and meet the ancient wizard Clef (who looks like a little child...but he's really hundreds of year old!! *sigh*) who tells them they must become The Legendary Magic Knights and save their land by saving Princess Emeraude. He manages to give Hikaru instructions as to how to use her magic before he is turned to stone by Zagato.

And so the girls go off on their journey ^_^, no you're not getting any more information out of me at the moment ^_^.

I am so happy! ^_^ I've just found the first 8 episodes of Magic Knight Rayearth!! The series seems to be pretty rare in Canada, but I'VE GOT THEM!!! ^_^ WOOHOO!! I'm really amazed at the amount of anime I've collected over such a short time...but with a series like Magic Knight can go out and rent it...but you aren't a real fan until you've bought your own ^_^. I'm a real fan now; I'm just so extatic! ^_^...heheheheh *drool*

If you have pictures you'd like to send me or have any questions about this or other anime series...

One final note about this most anime, it started off as a Manga series, and though you know by now I'm not that fond of Manga style...CLAMP style Manga isn't as I will be having some Manga pictures up, and wouldn't mind checking out more...but Anime is always my favourite style ^_^

By the way...if a picture doesn't load properly, just right click on your mouse and then click on "Show picture" and it should load properly in no time. Don't ask me why it doesn't load sometimes...but trust me when I say it's not my fault! ^_^

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