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My background is in Social Science with honours in Applied Women's Studies. I am constantly upgrading my knowledge and am currently gaining further professional qualifications at the Churchill Clinic, Perth.

I am multi-lingual and welcome clients of non English Speaking background.
I have worked extensively with women from all walks of life and all ages, and with the aged population in residential settings.
In addition, I have studied and practiced the metaphysical arts of astrology and tarot since 1981. The science of Astrology can enable you to better understand yourself and your loved ones.
The symbolic language of Tarot can provide emotional and spiritual guidance and can help you make decisions.

Diverse training means that my counselling style is tailor made for each client, combining modern approaches based on the teachings of contemporary thinkers and therapists with the wisdom of ancient cultures.

Counselling reaches into all areas of life, and most counsellors see clients with a wide variety of issues and have special expertise in certain areas.

My areas of special expertise are:

Relationships with others
- spouse, partner, children, parents
Women's issues
- modern woman is supposed to be all things to all people and these heavy expectations cause stress and anxiety.
Babyboomers' special problems
- having to cope with increased stresses of children leaving the home, ageing parents, facing changes and the search for meaning.
Loss and grief
- unexpressed grief can cause illness
- the best approach to depression is a combination of therapy and medication.

Life can be overwhelming! Counselling helps to clarify issues and equips with life skills in a safe, caring environment. Together we can make a difference in your life.

Experienced, qualified, multi-lingual.
Negotiable rates, day and evening appointments available.

Verena Homberger B.Soc.Sci. (Hons). Phone: 9409 1963 Mobile: 0414 727 559

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