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June 1999

News Flashes

Wednesday, June 30th--- Tonight saw the Stephen Roche GP take place at Dundrum.

Stephen Roche GP
1. Sean Whelan McNally-Swords
2. Keith Bannon Bray CC
3. Ciaran Power Comeragh CC
4. A. Crowley Midleton
5. Paul Butler Clarke-Nissan
6. Ciaran Bracken Usher's IRC
B. JP Hillard Les Jeunes
V. O. McQuaid McQuaid Cycles

Sunday, June 27th--- Tommy Evans today became the Irish National Road Champion. Morgan Fox was second, with Eugene Moriarty.

Trek Irish National Road Race Championships
1. Tommy Evans Clarke-Nissan
2. Morgan Fox DCM-Belgium
3. Eugene Moriarty Listowel CC
4. Bill Moore Stamullen CC
5. Dermot Finnegan DCM-Belgium
6. Paddy Moriarty Les Jeunes
7. David O'Loughlin DCM-Belgium
8. Ciaran Power Comeragh CC
9. S. Whelan McNally-Swords
10. M. Kiernan unattached
11. Mike McNena La Pomme Marseille
12. Paul Butler Clarke-Nissan
B. J. Mason Premier CC
Team: DCM-Belgium (Fox, Finnegan & O'Loughlin)
1. Michael Dennehy Kanturk CU CC
2. Denis Lynch Kanturk CU CC
3. B. O'Brien Clarke's
4. D. Geary Dungarvan
5. B. Ahern Bell Orwell
6. T. Ahern Bray Whls
7. Willie Curtin Kanturk CU CC
Team: Kanturk CU CC (Dennehy, Lynch & Curtin)

Thursday, June 24th--- This week saw the Montebello GP and the Derby Festival Race.

Montebello GP
1. G. Stapleton Usher IRC
2. O. McQuaid McQuaid Cycles
3. B. Ahern Bell Orwell
4. D. Mackey Australia
5. T. Lavery Ravens
6. T. Ferris Dub Whls

Derby Festival Race
1. JP Hillard Les Jeunes
2. A. Crowley TSB Cork
3. C. Bracken Usher IRC
4. E. O'Donoghue Carrick-Cidona
5. P. Dunne Emerald CC
B. J. Nolan Mid Tipperary CC
J. S. Delaney Navan-Avonmore
V. O. McQuaid McQuaid Cycles

Monday, June 21st--- Two Irish cyclists, Simon Coughlan and Michael Fitzgerald, have both been banned for 3 months by the ICF after both riders failed drug tests. This raises the total of Irish riders that have failed drug tests in the last 18 months to five.

Coughlan was caught for pseudoephadrine, which he claims was due to an over the counter cough bottle. Fitzgerald, caught for ephedrine, claims he got it from herbal tea. Neither of the two riders wanted to have the secondary sample tested. Coughlan was allegedly failed the test in the Tour of Ulster, while Fitzgerald failure apparently came during the Prutour.

Monday, June 21st--- Yesterday saw the Noel Taggert Memorial held in Banbridge. It was won by Eugene Moriarty. Also, as most of probably know by now, two un-named Irish cyclists are awaiting decisions by the ICF, after both riders failed drug tests.

Western RR Championships
1. Mike McNena Some French Club
2. Dave O'Loughlin Western Lakes CC (??)
3. Padraig Marrey Western Lakes CC

Noel Taggert Memorial
1. Eugene Moriarty Listowel CC
2. Stephen O'Sullivan Bray CC
3. Bill Moore Stamullen CC
4. Tommy Evans Clarke-Nissan
5. M. Kiernan unattached
6. Adrian Hederman Dan Morrissey
V. Tosh Lavery Garda CC

Thursday, June 17th--- Yesterday saw the Phoenix Park Grand Prix being held in, you guessed it, Phoenix Park. It was won by S. Whelan of McNally-Swords, with M. Wall of Finglas Ravens in second. Today saw the Mark Mullen Memorial Road Race, won by G Cromwell of Stamullen RC

Phoenix Park Grand Prix
1. S. Whelan McNally-Swords
2. M. Wall Finglas Ravens
3/J B. Ahern Bell Orwell
B. G. Stapleton Usher IRC
L. S. O'Meara Dublin Wheelers
V. O. McQuaid Mc'Quiad Cycles

Mark Mullen Memorial RR
1 G Cromwell Stamullen RC
2 M Nulty Navan-Avonmore
3 J Ludgate McNally-Swords
4 A Dunne Summerhill
5 I Maxwell Drogheda Whls
6 L Maxwell Drogheda Whls
7 N Kelly Drogheda Whls
L M Holland Drogheda Whls

Monday, June 14th--- This weekend sees us back into the stride of good races again, after the Rás disrupted the calendar.

Munster Championships
1. John McCarthy Killorglin CU
2. D. O'Shea Killarney CC
3. A. Buckley O'Mara's Limerick
B. J. Horgan Cork CC
J. Sean Lacey Tralee
V. K. O'Leary St. Finbarr's

Meath Grand Prix
1. Philip Cassidy Navan-Avonmore
2. Ian Chivers Clarke-Nissan
3. J. Fenelon Dan Morrissey
4. Stephen O'Sullivan Bray Whls
5. Tommy Evans Clarke-Nissan
6. Ciaran Bracken Ushers IRC
L. M. Holland Drogheda Whls
1. Daniel Lynch Kanturk CU
2. D. Geary Dungarvan
3. M. Dennehy Kanturk CU
4. D. Ellwood Orchard Whls
5. B. Ahern Benn Orwell
6. A. Farrell Hillcrest

Irish 10 Mile TT Championships
1. Philip Cassidy Navan-Avonmore
2. David Peelo Sorrento
3. Tommy Evans Clarke-Nissan
4. Karl Donnelly Dan Morrissey
5. John Grant Banbridge
6. Andrew Meehan unattached
J. B. O'Brien Clarke-Contractors

Monday, June 7th--- This weekend saw a couple of good races, and also news of another Irish rider getting caught for taking illegal drugs. Rumours abound as to the rider's identity, but all that is known is that it was during the Tour of Ulster.

Bill Hyland Memorial Race
1. Paddy Moriarty Les Jeunes
2. Dave O'Loughlin DCM Belgium
3. Paul Griffin Dan Morrissey's
4. Eddie O'Donoghue Carrick-Cidona
5. Ciaran Power Comeragh CC
6. Stephen O'Sullivan Bray CC
B. M. Slattery Killarney
J. Sean Lacey Tralee
V. Tosh Lavery Garda CC
L. A. Swan Killarney

Tour of The Sperrins
1. Tommy Evans Clarke Contractors
2. M. Sittlington Cyprus
3. T. Wilson Ballymena
4. M. Hamilton North Down
5. B. Doherty Maryland
6. D. Elwood Orchard
B. M. Briggs Maryland Wheelers
V. N. Campbell unattached

Dunboyne Three Day Race
Stage 1 - 70 miles
1. D. Hanrahan Navan-Avonmore 2:27:46
2. John O'Brien Dan Morrissey's "
3. Willie Curtin Kanturk CC "
4. Peter Dunne Emerald CC "
5. Conor O'Leary Bray "
6. Ger Miley St. Tiernan's "
Stage 2 - 3.5 miles
1. M. Flavin Cidona-Carrick 7:49.08
2. P. Byrne Dublin Wheelers 7:56.01
3. D. Woods Ushers IRC 7:59.02
4. K. Brannigan Finglas Ravens 8:03.06
5. E. Rogers Orwell 8:03.08
6. G. Stapleton Leinster 8:06.03
Stage 3 - 64 miles
1. JP Hillard Les Jeunes 2:25:06
2. P. Hicks Emerald "
3. P. Dunne Emerald "
4. A. Moran Ravens "
5. M. Dennehy Kanturk CC "
6. A. Burke Clare "
Stage 4 - 80 miles
1. S. Kennedy Navan-Avonmore 2:54.25
2. T. Hughes LCF @ 0:01
3. A. Moran Finglas Ravens "
4. L. Roche Roche Cycles @ 0:07
5. M. Dennehy Kanturk CC "
6. D. Smith Cahiils-Naas "
Final Overall
1. M. Flavin Carrick-Cidona 7:55:32
2. D. Smith Cahills-Naas @ 0:03
3. A. Moran Ravens @ 0:05
4. P. Byrne Dublin Wheelers @ 0:07
5. T. Hughes LCF @ 0:07
6. D. Woods Usher IRC @ 0:10

Wednesday, June 2nd--- Tonight saw a Criterium take place in Dundalk town centre, won by D. Finnegan of Navan-Avonmore.

Dundalk Town Centre Criterium
1. D. Finnegan Navan-Avonmore
2. J. Grant Banbridge
3. C. Lynch McNally-Swords
4. B. Moore Stamullen CC
5. S. O'Sullivan Bray Whls
6. M. McCrory Newry Whls

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