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The fifth stage was a 206 km road stage from Swansea to Birmingham, the longest stage on the race. It was won by Stuart O'Grady, last year's winner, who broke away with the Dane Jacob Rasmussen. Ciaran Power finished in the peleton in seventh position but still slipped down one overall. Michael McNena found his legs again, and managed to stay in the peleton and is no longer in last position overall, while Fitzgerald lost another 10 minutes on Benoit Joachim, who still leads.

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1. Stuart O'Grady Credit Agricole 5h42'35"
2. Jacob Rasmussen Acceptcard same
7. Ciaran Power Ireland @ 05'23"
38. Michael McNena Ireland same
81. Michael Fitzgerald Ireland @ 15'02"
Overall G.C.
1. Benoit Joachim US Postal 21h02'43"
2. Marc Wauters Rabobank @ 02"
23. Ciaran Power Ireland @ 05'10"
77. Michael Fitzgerald Ireland @ 50'57"
86. Michael McNena Ireland @ 1h08'15"

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